Interiors • October 15, 2018

Cosy Autumn days at home

I miss writing on here. This was my original, the reason I am even in this online world in the first place. One day seven and a half years ago I sat down and started this blog. I had no idea what I was doing but I chose the name (I regret it every day), made myself some sort of header, and wrote my first post. Then I joined twitter (remember twitter!?), then facebook, then a while later instagram and you tube. And I have done something in some shape or form online every single day since, it’s crazily become the way in which I earn money and support my family- something which astounds me every day as for years it was just my biggest passion and well loved hobby. It still is.

But over the years the online world has changed. People spend more time on instagram, more time watching videos on You Tube. Blogging is still there, it’s still the heart and hub of my content, but some how it has become a little bit of a background distraction, with me dedicating more of my time to posting photos on instagram or making videos- as at the end of the day you want to post where people will see it. I’m aware though there are still people out there who still love a good old blog post, who miss the cosiness of settling down with a cup of tea (or diet coke in my case), and reading something which resonates with them, or makes them smile, or just generally makes them feel warm inside.

Wren is in nursery today and I was supposed to be bulk filming a load of videos before we go away next week, but as is always the way when you have things to do, the plumber is here working on our bathroom renovation and is making so much noise there is nowhere in the house I can actually sit in relative quietness. Our house is reasonably clean (despite the dust from the building work), as I had a friend come over for coffee this morning so I did a quick mass tidy, so I suddenly decided to take some photos. The wind is blowing a gale outside and it just felt all cosy inside, so I thought I would grab my camera and take a few photos of the house feeling all homely.

Autumn is my favourite time of year for being at home, in fact I never thought I would say it because Summer is amazing, but it might be my favourite time of year full stop. I just love the golden crisp sunny days, the promise of Christmas, lighting candles and snuggling under chunky throws… it just screams stay indoors days and cosy afternoons and evenings. So for no reason at all other than the fact that sometimes I just miss posting on here regularly, here are some current photos of the cosy corners of our home…

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