Family • June 10, 2016

A Week in our Lives- June 2016.

Last month I finally started back up one of my favourite things I do in regards to my blog- our week in our lives videos. I started these last year and because of different reasons, mainly pregnancy tiredness and the fact that Mads started school, I didn’t end up carrying them on. I know that these are the things I will love to look back on the most- while endless photographs, videos of holidays and extraordinary moments are so special, I know that just video snippets of our ordinary day to day life is something that we will all love reminiscing over. Photography will always be my number one passion, but video is something I am really really enjoying and getting into at the moment. There is just something amazing about capturing moments on video.

I feel like I have been neglecting my little blog at the moment. Life is just hectic here and I am still very much enjoying these first few weeks with our baby boy- I guess that is exactly how it should be. I have loads of really exciting potential projects with brands in the pipeline and I know that soon I will be back and working super hard, so I am enjoying a quieter pace of life when it comes to my blog. I know I am still posting at least once a week, but I want to get back to writing more posts, to picking up my DSLR more and to reading my favourite blogs again- I am sorry if I have neglected the ones I normally read recently!

But while I feel like I’m neglecting my blog a little bit, I am still here and there. Instagram has my heart at the moment, it always has done, but I find it such a lovely community and space. It’s almost like a mini blog for me, I love writing about our life on there. And I am still recording our moments on You Tube by doing these week in our lives videos, for some reason I find it easier to pick up the camera and do little video snippets rather than fancy DSLR photographs. With a video you can just pick up the camera and film rather than think about angles, or poses, or lighting, although of course I try and think creatively too.

June so far has been lovely, we have had half term which was a bit of a rainy washout but fun all the same and it was this week that I decided to film. I love having my biggest girl at home with me, while it certainly is hectic having three children in our little house, these are some of my most favourite times. Life isn’t always easy and we are still finding our feet being a family of five, but I know these are the days I will wish for the most when my children are all grown up. I can’t wait for the summer holidays, we already have a few lovely things planned and I can’t wait for a summer of fun with my three littles.

Anyway enough of my ramblings, here is a week in our lives in June 2016…


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