Family • May 20, 2016

A Week in our Lives- May 2016

Way back last year I started to do a video once a month where I just captured a simple week in our lives. I loved doing them, but then Mads started school and life became a little more hectic, I was pregnant and quite tired, and somehow I just stopped doing them. They are one of my favourite videos to watch back, while of course watching videos of holidays or special occasions are amazing, the simple moments I know will be the ones I treasure the most when we look back in years to come.

While our baby boy is so young I want to try and capture as much video as I can. I have loads of random snippets of iPhone video of Mads as a young baby, just 10 second clips here and there which I have promised myself one day I will put together into a montage for her, but hardly any clips at all of LL. This is mainly because when she was born I was heavily into photography so as such I spent my whole time concentrating on taking photos of her. In fact I don’t think I have any clips until she is a fair few weeks old and even then I only have a couple of them from her first year. The thought that I can’t go back and watch a video of what she was like as a baby actually makes me feel incredibly sad and emotional- there is definitely something about video that photos just can’t capture, although I don’t think anything will stop my passion for photography.

Anyway I have gone off on a tangent as usual, but I want to make it my mission to try and start these once a month videos again. I don’t know if I will manage it, life is so busy and I also find when I try and stick to any sort of schedule I fail massively, but I will definitely try as I know they will be lovely to look back on. I was also making them really long before, around 30 or so minutes and lets face it I don’t have time to sit and watch a 30 minute video on my own family, let alone expect anyone else to watch it, so I am trying to keep them as short as I can.

Here’s one I made from last week. It was just a simple week together, but they are exactly the ones I want to be recording. So I can remember the most simple moments…


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