Family • October 1, 2015

A Week in our Lives- September 2015

At the moment my favourite thing to do blog wise is the monthly week in our lives videos that we do- a weekly film once a month of what we have got up to. I love to film them, the ordinary moments, the special ones, the day to day routines, and I especially love to edit them all together- I know that we will all absolutely love looking back on them when the girls are all grown up.

Last week I wrote that I was going through a bit of a bloggers block, this still stands, although I have written a few posts this week. It isn’t so much that I don’t know what to blog, it is just that we are so busy with school, work (including blog work) and day to day life that I haven’t had as much inspiration to pick up my camera. But as September was rapidly running out I decided last week to film our September Week in our Lives video.

It certainly isn’t my favourite. I normally try and put a real effort into them in terms of filming but life is just busy and I didn’t have time to faff around with clever angles or creative shots. We also didn’t really do all that much and the things that we did do I couldn’t film. I am really careful not to get other children in my videos unless they really are in the background, so that meant things like filming our new weekly routine of baby ballet etc were out. Plus we have been doing lots of things at Mads school, which again of course I wouldn’t film.

Still when I edited it all together I was really happy with the finished result. It may not be a masterpiece but it is real life. Our real life. And at the moment real life for us is all about adjusting to this new routine that we are in. It’s about school runs dominating us twice a day, it’s about the fact that myself and LL are a little lost (but having the best time) as it is just the two of us three days a week, it’s about the fact that on a Tuesday and Thursday I end up being in the car over an hour in the morning trying to get them to nursery and school on time in opposite directions.

It’s our real life. It isn’t exciting all the time. Sometimes it can be a little tough and sometimes it can be a little dull. But we are happy. That is the main thing. And I am so glad I filmed this so I can look back on happy smiles and the most ordinary of moments.






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