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A Week in our Lives- November 2015

I still think one of my favourite things to do on my blog at the moment is film these week in our lives videos– just a collection of video snippets from our week. I love that we will have them to look back on in years to come and will be able to see what an ordinary (or not so ordinary) week looked like for us all.  However recently I have been feeling a little uninspired when it comes to doing them. I didn’t do one at all in October, mainly as pregnancy symptoms made me feel pretty rubbish and uninspired, plus of course a large majority of our October was taken up in Florida and I filmed some videos for that. (of which one I still need to make!)

Therefore I really wanted to make one for November but life is just so busy and hectic and the dark and wet weather, combined with awful light for photos and filming, has really made me not particularly feel like picking up the camera. However I know I will want to look back on these when the girls are older, so I persevered through the hectic times and mayhem this week, mainly brought on by the incredibly exciting kitchen renovation we are having.

It isn’t the best video I have ever filmed, in fact it is pretty boring I think by my usual standards, as I didn’t want to spend time setting up creative shots or doing anything particularly interesting. But it is our life and for that I am thankful I have recorded it.

I will definitely be carrying on doing a video of a week each month for 2016, I love that we can look back on them and smile at the memories. I don’t know if I will do one in December as I am attempting to do a video every day for December, however it is the first day and already I haven’t charged the camera! Here is a snippet of a week in our lives in November…


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