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A Week in our Lives- August 2015

I’ve been filming ‘A Week in Our Lives’ every month since May now and it’s something I dread and look forward to in equal measure. I dread it for certain reasons, it’s quite time consuming trying to remember to film different snippets of your day and I often can’t be bothered, but at the same time when I come to edit it all together I am always so glad I did it. It’s so lovely just to see what an average (or not so average) week looks like and I know I will love looking back on these in years to come.

I decided to film last week as we had quite a varied week going on. We started off the week in the Peak District, we went to stay at the most beautiful property Old Temperance Hall with Sykes Cottages for a few days, with my good friend and Space In Your Case colleague Alison and her family. (Blog post coming soon!) It was a lovely few days and we packed a lot in. It was also really nice as on the way home we took a detour to go and see my Nana and Grandpa.

The rest of the week was spent working, doing errands and other bits and bobs. We all were a bit under the weather as well, LL had it while we were in the Peak District and then we all got it when we got home. We weren’t really ill, but just all a bit off colour- with sore throats, tummy aches etc. Then at the weekend we woke up to gloriously beautiful weather on Saturday and decided to go for a picnic and a bike ride.

Sunday was a very special day. It was our girls christening and it couldn’t have gone better. We have been wanting to get them christened since they were babies but just hadn’t got round to it. In the end we decided just to get it done, but to have a really small family day, there were only 24 of us, just family and close friends we class as a family. It was a lovely day, all about the girls, and I was overwhelmed with just how lucky we are to have people who love them (and us) unconditionally. We are very lucky.

This video is by far the longest one I have made. Mr E kept telling me that it was too long, but I just had so much footage and I struggled to cut it down. But it definitely is too long so if you get to the end of it you deserve a medal! Hopefully the next one will be a little shorter. (Although I actually think the best parts are towards the end!)

Here is A Week in Our Lives….

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