Family • October 13, 2013

{The Ordinary Moments} #9 ‘An Ice Cream Date’



This photo is horribly blurry and grainy as it was taken in low light from the back of my phone, but it signifies one of the best mornings I have had in such a long time.

Recently a few of my favourite bloggers have taken their little people out for some one on one time.  As anyone with two or more children knows, time just you and one of your children is rare.  Snatched moments while one sleeps, or is playing with Daddy, are the most I really get.  I get more time with LL as she is more dependent on me at the moment, and Mads goes to her Auntie Emma’s once a week most weeks, but I never get much alone time with my No 1 Girl.

Ever since we got pregnant with LL, both myself and Mr E have talked about having ‘dates’ with our girls at the weekends, just an hour or so of us taking one of them out for a treat, to spend some quality time with them.  Then when I saw Lauren, Lucy and Carie doing it with their children, it made me realise that we have been really slack and haven’t gotten round to doing it yet.

So last Sunday myself and Mads went on an ice cream date.  We specifically asked for a booth in the restaurant so we could snuggle and we ordered the biggest ice cream known to man, a diet coke for me and a fruit shoot for her.

We laughed, we cuddled, we held hands and we talked.  We played games on my phone and we wrote our names in heart’s on napkins.  We had two spoons and fed each other.  We even had a couple of sneaky kisses.

Quite frankly it was the perfect date.

I had twenty six months of just me and my girl during the week.  But that hour that we spent just the two of us last week was probably one of the best times I have ever had with her.  It made me realise just how quickly she is growing up, and I am just so proud of her.  She has the ability to drive me crazy but on the whole she is an intelligent, articulate, kind little person who we love so much.  She may have become a very caring big sister, but she will always be my big daughter.

We will definitely be having some more dates in the future.

(Only problem is I always have to pay!)

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