Family • September 22, 2013

{The Ordinary Moments} #6 ‘Mastering Sitting Up’


There’s something about your second baby, and potentially your last baby, that makes it all so bittersweet.  The milestones, in which you were excited and in a hurry to see the first time around, arrive and you feel this funny feeling in the pit of your tummy.  A feeling of stop growing so fast combined with knowing that all the stages to come are just as fun.

I remember when Mads was around LL’s age, seven months, and I just thought of her as so grown up.  She seemed big and robust, and I guess it was because I hadn’t done it before so physically she was so far from the tiny newborn we took home from the hospital.

This time around though, LL still feels very much like a baby.  I don’t know whether there is a bit of a psychological element, maybe I am treating her as more of a baby because she is the little one, but regardless I just see her as so little still.  I stopped dressing Mads in sleepsuits to go out from about 12 weeks, but with LL if we are having a lazy day or going somewhere not particularly exciting I will keep her in a sleepsuit- there is something about her in them that I just am not ready to give up yet.

This photo was taken this week when we mastered a new skill- sitting up.  She has gone from being a little wobbly and not being able to leave her to really sturdy in literally the space of a few days.  We were having a lazy day and I love this photo of her, she looks so proud of the fact she is sitting up unaided.

She’s on the cusp of such an exciting and fast developmental period where she will change from our mainly still breastfed baby to a fully walking, talking toddler.  I know it’s full of fun and such a great thing to witness, but I am still soaking in the ordinary moments of her being our baby.  I’m clinging to these baby days and enjoying every single second of it.

For they pass just far too quickly.

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