Family • September 15, 2013

{The Ordinary Moments} #5 ‘Spending Time with Grandma’


Our weeks pass by in a blur of play dates, regular activities, seeing family and nap times.  I adored maternity leave with Mads, but I think in the back of my mind there was always the thought that I needed to pack as much into it as possible- that all too soon it would be over and I would be returning to work.

Things are different this time around.  Mads still naps for most of the afternoon and as such I normally make sure we are home for it unless we have a exciting trip out planned.  Therefore the mornings are busy but the afternoons are slow.  We all thrive on this little routine.  It works for us.

This iPhone photo was taken last Thursday.  I had missed a parcel so had to go to the delivery depot about 20 miles away to pick it up.  On the way back we stopped off at my Mum’s to say hello to her and my sister, who had just got back from her holiday.

I love having them close by, a five minute car journey away from me.  For all the years I was away in Leeds and London, having them here makes it all worth it.  My Mum owns her own beauty salon so I don’t see her as often as I would like too, we see each other a few times a week, but they are mainly snatched moments of popping up to say hi or when she picks Mads up for me on the day I have just LL.

This was taken at her house.  She has the most beautiful home, and I swear she should have done interior design as it looks like you have just stepped into the pages of a magazine.  Mads and LL were sitting on her ‘love seat’ and Mads was snuggling up to her like she often does.

I invariably dress my girls in similar clothes or colours often.  I am all for a bit of matching on special occasions but on normal days we just wear whatever.  However sometimes I will dress them in ‘matching but not matching’ things.  Like this particular day, Mads was in a very cute heart cardigan and LL wore her heart hoody for the first time.  What is it about a hoody that makes my precious little baby seem more grown up?

It’s just an ordinary snap, an ordinary moment, an ordinary day in our ordinary life.

But I can honestly say there is no where else I would rather be than living the life I am living.

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