Family • September 8, 2013

{The Ordinary Moments} #4 ‘Picnics in the Garden’



Technically this isn’t a ordinary moment as it only happens once a year.

It was Mr E’s birthday last Tuesday.  Birthdays before children involved expensive presents, and a day off work, a nice meal out or even a trip away if we were lucky.  There was no expense spared and we loved splashing out on each other.

Nowadays they are very different.

Expensive presents have been replaced with thoughtful gifts and restricted budgets.  Dinners out have been with nice meals in and there aren’t usually days off work involved.

This year was no different.  Mr E got a new ‘man bag’ and this year as the weather was nice we decided to have an evening picnic in the garden with our little ladies. Mads and I spent time drawing Daddy’s card and then we put together our little picnic.

Mads was so excited because we were having cake and kept said ‘this is the best birthday ever.’

And you know what?

I don’t know about the best birthday ever, but it was up there with the gooduns.

Simple, but ever so lovely.

Sat out there with the early evening sunshine beating down on to my shoulders and my three favourite people there beside me-  Mads running around the garden in her PJ’s, her little face lit up with the biggest smile.  LL sat in her Bumbo, giggling at what we were up too.

I snapped this photo on my iPhone and I love it.  It totally sums up our little family.  Mads isn’t looking at the camera as she normally turns away as soon as I ask her to look at it, LL is her normally happy smily self, and Mr E, well he is just the best.

Perhaps it was our last picnic of the year, bringing to a close a happy, simple summer with many cherished memories.

A ordinary birthday.  A ordinary summer.

But a very happy one indeed.

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