Life • September 1, 2013

{The Ordinary Moments} #3 ‘I Love Him’



 A slightly different Ordinary Moment from me this week.

I have always been a photo taker.

My house is full of photos of our family.  There are frames in every available free space- on the window sills, tables and walls.  Most of them nowadays are of our girls, or us as a family, but we have a wall in our living room that we made before they were here that I just cannot bear to change.

I love the happy moments on that wall.  While being a Mummy is the best thing that has ever happened to me, Mr E and I had many years of fun together before they got here.  I love that there is still a part of our family home dedicated to our care free, no responsibility years.  The ridiculously exotic holidays, the copious nights out and the good times with friends.

Last week we went out on a ‘date night’ – the first we have had in eight months.  We don’t take advantage of our free babysitters enough, and have had never had a full night together away from our girls in the whole time they have been here. Separately we have a fair few times, but never together.

I prefer to spend our money on weekends away as a family, or days out together, as I love doing things just the four of us, but I do think we need to try and have date night’s more often, as we always have a great time.

This photo was taken last Wednesday on our date night and it reminds me of the early days where I would take so many photos of us both.  It’s a bit grainy and not the best quality but I look at it and see two people who have been through so much together but are still the best of friends.

I couldn’t ask for anyone better to raise my girls with.

A simple moment.

But one I don’t want to forget.

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