Family • August 16, 2013

{The Ordinary Moments}

I blog primarily for my girls.

Of course I blog for myself- to have a way to express my creativity, or how I am feeling, or to get involved in a great community of parents, and to occasionally get some nice bits to review.

But primarily every single word, photo and memory on here is for them.  I want to record their childhoods.  I want them to have a visual record of growing up- how our family grew and developed, and how wanted and loved they were.

I want to record the happy moments, the not so happy ones, the difficult ones and the amazing ones.  Not just the days out, holidays, or the weekends away.  All of them.  The boring days in the house.  The grumpy teething days or the days where I can’t wait for bed time.

The everyday moments and the beautiful ordinary.   Something I talk about a lot.

Just like it says on my sidebar introduction.

I take a huge amount of photos.  Whether with my DSLR or my iPhone, a camera isn’t far away from my hand.  We live in an age where it is easier than ever to snap and record the minute details of our lives.

With that in mind I have decided to start a new project.

{the ordinary moments}

‘The simple things in life are often the sweetest.  While the fancy days out, weekends away or holidays are fun, it’s the ordinary moments I will miss when my children are all grown up.  The snuggling in bed reading a story.  The giggles as they run around my overgrown garden with the grass that desperately needs a cut.  Even the naughty ones.  The ones we all have.

Just a photo from your week.  The simple.   The exciting.  The imperfect.  The Ordinary Moments.’

If you want to capture your simple ordinary life and share it then I am going to make it into a linky once a week on a Sunday.  It can be anything, any memory you don’t want to forget.  It doesn’t have to be with a fancy camera, some of my most favourite moments are with the camera I have on me all the time- my iPhone.  Just come and link up here and share your moment, the linky will be open all week so you don’t have to do it on a Sunday but it is a good day for me.

Let’s celebrate and remember the little things in our lives.

The simple things that make us happy, mad, frustrated or sad.

The Ordinary Moments.

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