Family • February 14, 2016

{The Ordinary Moments 16} #7 ‘A Third Birthday’

On Thursday our beautiful littlest girl turned three years old. To be an absolute cliche, I just don’t know where the time has gone, I cannot believe she is three. I am a little emotional about the fact she is three as it seems so much more grown up than two to me, but the reality is LL is still very much the baby of the family. Many people comment on the fact that she is quite young for her age, so she still feels very little to me.

We were wondering how to spend her birthday, as to be honest it still throws us all a little that Mads isn’t there for some of the bigger milestones as she is at school. We had already decided that we would have a family day for her birthday during half term, but it left us wondering what to do on the day itself. In the midst of our pondering’s we got an email inviting us to the George at Asda house for a family home event. I must admit I was unsure whether to attend at first, only because I felt that we should be doing something specifically for her birthday, but when I found out more details about it- it was for the whole family including partners and would be a fun day of activities- I decided we should definitely go as it meant that we could persuade Mr E to take some time off work to come with us.

We ended up having such a lovely day at the event, I will of course talk about the reason we were there in another post, as this is about LL’s birthday, but the George at Asda team were so lovely with her and she had the best time. In fact it was much better for her than our original plans of going to the garden centre for a cake, out for lunch and then no doubt home for a nap! She loved all the activities they had planned and enjoyed spending the day with some of my other favourite bloggers gorgeous children- also there was Jess’ family, Caro’s family, Fritha’s family and Laura’s family.

It was a great day and she even got a special present and a birthday cake from the George team, as well as Caro and Fritha being ever so thoughtful and bringing her a birthday present and Jess’ little girl making her a card. We then left a little early so we could get home and over to Grandma’s for a special birthday tea party with the rest of the family. We didn’t go overboard with presents as we never do, but she got some lovely little bits from her big sister (or plastic rubbish as we like to call it!) who chose her lots of random little toys from the supermarket, some lego from her Great Grandma and Grandpa, us and my Dad and her Nana Jacqueline, some gorgeous clothes from her godmother Auntie Emma, some shoes from her Grandma and Grandpa, and a little mini guitar (so she can be like her big sister!) from my sister and her boyfriend.

And now my baby is three. I just can’t quite believe it. I really wish the time would slow down just a little bit.


Here are some photos from her day…


All set up for her birthday breakfast. Unfortunately our extension wasn’t quite finished at this point as we had a problem with the floor and it had to be ripped back up, so everything was a bit cramped and pushed together, but we still managed to have a nice birthday breakfast.


Opening her presents from her big sister. Mads had a great fun going to the supermarket with Daddy and choosing some cheap little bits to wrap up for her.


Always good having a big sister on hand to open them for you when you are finding it tricky.


Every year we take a photo of them with one of these big balloons, it has become a bit of a tradition. Her top also says 3 on it as well.


She had great fun at the George event, one of the activities was to decorate gingerbread men and she must have decorated (and eaten!) about seven of them!

LLs3rdbirthday_7She had a great birthday with all the other children who were there and I was really touched that the George team bought her a big cuddly giraffe as a birthday present. He now has pride of place in her bed.

LLs3rdbirthday_5  Before it was back home for yet more cake (this time a Peppa one no less) over at Grandmas house for a party with all the family. After all a girl only turns three once!


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