Family • November 24, 2013

{The Ordinary Moments} #15 ‘Meeting Mr C’



The Christmas countdown has well and truly begun in our house.  I literally cannot wait until December, it’s a big month for us, and I am definitely in festive mode.  I am really excited this year because for the first time Mads will be able to understand a little more about Christmas, and we will be able to start to make it more exciting and magical for her.  And of course it is LL’s first Christmas too.

She knows when she sees photos of the man in the red suit that it is indeed Father Christmas, but I don’t quite think she completely understands what he entails.  I have been telling her on her birthday, which is Christmas Eve, that Father Christmas will come when she is asleep and bring her and LL some gifts, but I think the fact it is her birthday also makes her a little confused.

Blogging has brought us many wonderful things, and the chance to go to an event every now and again is great.  Last week we went to the Little Tikes Play Date which was so lovely and such good fun for the girls.  At the end of the day there was a surprise visit from a ‘special guest.’

Father Christmas arrived and I honestly thought that Mads would be frightened of him, she is quite shy and wary of people until she has a chance to warm up to them.  But no, she loved him and quite happily went up to talk to him, sit on his knee for a photo (I was shocked!) and listen to him read a story.  She was so excited bless her, and was jumping up and down on her chair and waving to him shouting ‘Bye Father Christmas’ when it was time to leave.  Although I do love that in this photo she still looks slightly uncertain!

Afterwards I was trying to explain to her than on the run up to Christmas we may see a couple of different Santa’s but that the real one was magic and no one saw him.  I think it’s hard for them when they are so little to understand, but it still feels exciting to me that she is on the cusp of learning what it is all about.

I have such fond memories of Christmas, and I am so incredibly hoping that I can make it as magical for my girls as my parents did for me.  I remember letters from Father Christmas, sooty footprints on the carpet and reindeer droppings.  All so amazing when you are little.  I want them to believe in the magic for as long as possible.

Although I still believe in the magic of Christmas even now.  Even more so now I have two little ladies to share the fun with.

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