Family • February 15, 2015

{The Ordinary Moments 15} #7 ‘A 2nd Birthday’

This past week has been a little hectic.  I have had a few meetings for work, including a seven hour round trip up to Manchester, a day in London for my best friend from Uni’s baby shower, and just general day to day life being that little bit busier than normal.  On top of this, on Wednesday it was a very special day indeed.  Our beautiful baby girl turned two.  We didn’t have much planned for the actual day, it was pretty low key but sentimental all the same and I of course felt a little emotional that we were well and truly leaving the baby years behind us.

She woke up and opened her pressies- we didn’t go crazy being that Christmas has only just happened and we still haven’t played properly with some of the toys they received then.  She had a couple of Peppa Pig tacky bits to open, which were most definitely the best things ever, and a big Bullseye Toy Story character as both her and Mads love to play with them and are collecting the set.  Then it was time to head out for the day, but not before donning her ‘2’ top and a bright pink tutu.  If you can’t wear a pink tutu on your second birthday then quite frankly when can you?

We then headed to her first ever taster session at a baby ballet class.  It took her ten minutes to warm up, she clung to me for the first part, but then after a while she absolutely loved it and danced around happily, so we will definitely go back and our close friends go so that’s another nice thing about it.  We tried them for a term with Mads just after LL was born, but she wasn’t particularly fussed by them.  LL however loves to dance and wiggle so I think she will really enjoy it.  After that we headed out for our first slice of cake of the day while I got the car cleaned- it’s non stop glamour here even on your birthday!  Then it was time to head to the girl’s favourite restaurant Pizza Express, which is the only place I can guarantee they will eat every single thing on their plates.  We were joined by Grandma which was lovely as well.

We headed home for a nap, after all any party girl needs to get a bit of beauty sleep, before waiting for Mr E to get home from work.  We then headed over to Grandma’s yet again for a mini birthday party, where there were a few other members of the family there to celebrate with us.  We had a yummy dinner before it was time to sing Happy Birthday and tuck in to a piece of Peppa Pig birthday cake.  LL absolutely loved her cake and as usual I got tears in my eyes watching her little face as she saw it for the first time.  It was a lovely, low key birthday for our littlest lady.

For someone who loves to take lots of photos, especially of celebrations, I wasn’t really feeling it on Wednesday- a combination of for the most part in being with them on my own and not wanting to lug the camera out with me, yet also a little bit due to tiredness and general ‘meh’-ness after a hectic week.  However I did manage to capture a few happy moments and I did take a couple of snippets of video which I will get round to editing soon no doubt.

We are so proud of our baby girl, she’s growing up so fast and it’s oh so bittersweet.  I love the little person she is becoming and I am excited for the adventures that I know we will have in the future, but I can’t help but feel a little sadness over the first two years of her life being over.  It all seems to have whizzed by in a blur, all those days merging into one, but one thing is for sure- she has completed our family and stolen all our hearts a million times over…







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