Family • January 4, 2015

{The Ordinary Moments 15} #1 ‘Family Days’.

Christmas has been and gone, we have welcomed 2015 with a quiet evening on the sofa and a bottle of fizz, and the slightly gloomy month of January is upon us.  Christmas was wonderfully hectic and busy (I have a post coming up this week before we want to forget about it for another year!) and we rushed around seeing different members of our family and celebrating.

However the highlight of our festive season wasn’t the big day itself or indeed Boxing Day or New Year’s Day either.  Of course these were lovely and slightly intense in good measure, I loved my girl’s happy smiles as they opened their presents and I loved spending time with the people I love most.  But the time I have treasured and enjoyed the most is the quiet days.  Those days where we haven’t done anything much at all.

Mr E has had a lovely long break from work and actually doesn’t return to the office until tomorrow.  Normally when he has this long off, it’s because we are going on holiday or doing something, we rarely have time off in the house just pottering about.  After the hecticness of Christmas we hibernated for a few days.  We spent almost a whole day tidying and giving the house a clean, finding toys new homes, playing with all the girls new bits and pieces and just generally getting sorted for a New Year.

We have done odd jobs, nipped into town here and there, had coffee with Grandma, and spent lots of time snuggling on the sofa watching new films under a blanket.  It’s been just what we needed- a chance to spend some quality time together without constantly ‘doing’ something or being ‘busy’.  Yesterday we headed into Cambridge to do some shopping, take some Christmas gifts back that were the wrong size and generally have a browse.

While we were there we decided to have an impromptu lunch out.  We went to one of our favourite bars, Mr E and I had a burger each with sweet potato wedges and Mads and LL had their favourite pizza, with a big fudge sundae for pudding.  It was just a simple morning out, but I love going into Cambridge with my little family.  As long as we go somewhere where the girls like the food, they love going to restaurants and are generally well behaved, so I really enjoy eating out as a family.

I’ve relished these simple days with my three favourite people and I will be sad to go back to normality.  Mr E always seems to end up using his holiday work days on holidays, days out or long weekends away, but we have both decided he should try and book some time off to just be at home this year.

Some iPhone photos of our little lunch out…

lunch jan 15 c

Love eating out with these three.

lunch jan 15

Myself and my littlest lady.

lunch jan 15 a

So so excited to see ice cream!

lunch jan 15 b

I wish her mouth opened this wide for vegetables!


I can’t believe it’s the first week of January and time for the first ‘ordinary moments’ of 2015.  I am so glad I started doing this little project- it’s just nice to record those moments I might otherwise forget.  It was so lovely seeing everyone else’s posts throughout last year and if you haven’t joined in before then it really is simple…

{the ordinary moments}

‘The simple things in life are often the sweetest. While the fancy days out, weekends away or holidays are fun, it’s the ordinary moments I will miss when my children are all grown up. The snuggling in bed reading a story. The giggles as they run around my overgrown garden with the grass that desperately needs a cut. Even the naughty ones. The ones we all have.

Just a photo (or photos) from your week. The simple. The exciting. The imperfect. The Ordinary Moments.’

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I’m looking forward to another year of documenting those moments I don’t want to forget.

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