Family • February 9, 2014

{The Ordinary Moments 14} #6 The Good Old Selfie.



Life seems to be moving at a hectic pace lately.  Our mornings are spent out with friends socialising and playing, and then by the time we have had lunch and gone home it’s then nap time.  I am very lucky in that both my girls go down around 1.30pm and sleep till at least 3.30pm.  By the time they wake up, it’s time for a biscuit and our quiet time of watching television until Daddy comes home from work.

As such, my big camera hasn’t been taken out of the bag much during the week recently.  Add to this the horrible dark weather and the fact that both the girls are in nursery two long mornings a week so I can get work done, and it just seems like the weeks are whizzing by.  Roll on the summer when we can play outside and go on picnics, rather than spend time in germ infested soft play.

This week has still been full of bugs, it just seems never ending at the moment.  LL hasn’t been right for weeks, and it accumulated in us taking her to the out of hours GP at the hospital on Friday night, who admittted us to the children’s ward for observation as she had a very sunken fontanelle and a swollen tummy.  Eventually they diagnosed an accumulation of things- a tummy bug, dehydration, a bad ear infection and chicken pox, which appeared while we were in the hospital.  We were discharged and she seems a lot better now, luckily I think she has a mild case of pox, with only 5 small spots so far.

As such, it’s been a funny old week, lots of smiles mixed with grumpy and clingy times.  Mads seems fine so far and has been a delight, looking after her sister when she has been under the weather.  Although we did have an incident with her play wrestling with LL on the kitchen floor, resulting in a bruise on her little sister’s head!

While I love my big camera, I am a big fan of the good old selfie.  However natural the photos are with a DSLR, I don’t think you can beat an iPhone selfie.  For some reason my girls seem to love me pointing the camera phone towards them, it always results in funny faces.  Being the ‘photographer’ in our house, my husband rarely takes the camera off me to take photos of myself and my little ladies, so these iPhone selfies are a good way of getting in the photo with my girls.

And I treasure these silly moments, where their little smiles are nothing but genuine and their big blue eyes sparkle with happiness.  Even through the bugs.


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