Family • February 2, 2014

{The Ordinary Moments 14} #5 Party Preparations.


A bug themed party 1

It’s all go in our house this weekend.  Food has been bought from the supermarket, balloons have been blown up and cakes have been baked.  I spent my Saturday evening making sandwich after sandwich.  Today is Mads and LL’s joint third and first birthday party and we are all really excited to celebrate with some of our most favourite people.

As Mads birthday is on Christmas Eve, unfortunately even though we try hard not for it to happen, inevitably it does get a bit lost in the excitement of Christmas.  Every year so far we have met with a couple of friends at our local garden centre and gone to see Father Christmas.  We have made sure she has worn a big badge displaying her age and we have tried as hard as we can to make the day about her.  In the evening we have gone over to my Mums where we have a little birthday party and get into the Christmas spirit as well with a few family and friends.  But ultimately, the whole thing does get a little overwhelming for both her and us.

As such my gorgeous big girl has never actually had a proper birthday party.  On her first birthday we had friends round for a Christmas Eve tea and celebration, but not every one could make it because they were away or seeing family.  So today is really special indeed as it is her first actual birthday party.  One where friends come, there is dancing, and those strange mini sausages you always have at parties that you don’t really like but for some reason can’t stop eating.  And cake.  Lots of cake.

And what is even better about this birthday party is that she gets to share it with her little sister.  As their birthdays are so close we thought it would make sense to have a joint celebration, and what better way to celebrate than having your little best friend part of it too?

So as you read this I will be getting my tiny bumblebee and mini ladybird into their costumes for their bug themed party.  And while we dance around, play pass the parcel and eat cake (lots of cake), I no doubt will have a little tear in my eye thinking about just quite how fast these last few years have gone, and about just quite how lucky I am to call these two party girls my daughters.



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