Family • January 26, 2014

{The Ordinary Moments 14} #4 A Busy Social Life.




 It’s been a long week in our house this week.  It’s been one bug after another, with each of us getting struck down with different winter ailments.  As such it’s been a week of snuggling, getting by and not much else.  Work, housework and blogging have all taken a back seat while we attempt to get better.

On Saturday we were all feeling a bit more lively so decided to venture out to one of Mads friends birthday parties.  When we were pregnant with her we completed an NCT antenatal course, and I am so glad we did.  We didn’t learn much, especially as I ended having a c-section, but I took from it six friends who I have seen almost every week since they were born.

Mads was the first born out of the group but the rest of them have their birthdays throughout the end of the December, January and February.  As such over the last few weeks we have had a fair few parties to go to, and we have one almost every weekend in February too.  Yesterday we went to an Octonaut party which was great fun.

Mads is a funny little thing, sometimes painfully shy and sometimes confident and feisty.  Yesterday she was the latter, running around laughing and giggling at the entertainment.  Watching her little face light up as she listened and participated was such a joy to watch.

LL on the other hand still isn’t 100% and preferred to watch from Daddy’s arms.  However she wooed some of the ladies sat next to us with her trademark smiles.  She was loving watching all the older ones running around, no doubt taking tips for when she can do the same.

Mads had a great time, eating way too much Octonaut chocolate cake.  I feel very lucky to have made such great friends, and I love watching all our babies grow up together.


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