Family • June 15, 2014

{The Ordinary Moments 14} #24 ‘The Week Summer Officially Began.’

Oh Summer, we were wondering when you would make an appearance.  You have been teasing us for a while now, giving us a glimpse of you and then promptly disappearing back where you came from.  But this week you decided it was time to ‘officially’ arrive.  We are under no illusions that you will stick around forever, but we are certainly enjoying your company while you are here.

What is it about the sun that makes everything that little bit better?  It’s been a happy but simple week in our house, we have been enjoying lots of time outside- morning’s out with friends or catching the last of the afternoon sun on the days the girls have been at nursery.  I adore the sunshine, I definitely think I should be living abroad.  I love the feeling of the sun beating down on my shoulders, that first lick of an ice cream on a hot day and the carefree sound of my girl’s giggles as they play outside.

Last Tuesday we were contemplating what to have for dinner when we decided that the weather was just far too nice to be sat indoors.  So we rang Mr E on the way home and told him we were off out for an impromptu picnic.  We packed some yummy food, the compulsory naughty picnic snacks and headed off to a pretty little meadow by our house.

We sat there for ages, just enjoying the last of the sun, chatting about our days and remarking on just quite how lucky we are to have our little family.

Because that’s the thing.  Sometimes the most ordinary moments are definitely the sweetest.  And all it takes is a simple little afternoon picnic to remind us of that.

summer picnics june14

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