Family • January 12, 2014

{The Ordinary Moments 14} #2 – A Voyage of Discovery.



At almost exactly half past seven each morning we hear a little noise from the bedroom across the hall.  Daddy is the one to get up, bringing back into our room a blurry eyed, half asleep girl still cosy and snug in her sleeping bag.  She lets out a little wail when she sees me, still very much reliant on milk to wake her up properly ready to start the day.

But after that quiet ten minutes of snuggling, her lightly pinching my skin with her hand or playing with my hair softly, it is time to get up.  From then on this little person is on a mission.  A misson of discovery.

No corner of the house is safe, nooks and crannies are there to be explored, the dining table is a great place to crawl under in a search for a hidden treasure, and pulling herself up on the TV stand is just about the best thing ever, guaranteed to bring a shriek of delight if she manages to do it without me noticing her and putting up a makeshift barricade.

Meal times are a time of immense excitement, there’s peas to practice picking up one by one, new tastes to try and devour, each spoonful making her rock back and forth in anticipation.  Bath times are hilarious, with her standing up and sitting down making a big splash with her little bottom.  It never fails to bring big belly laughs.

She’s at that age where she smiles the biggest grins at anyone who happens to glance in her direction, she wants them to look at her and interact with her, although sometimes she feels safer doing it in my arms depending on her mood.  Mini milestones are constantly getting ticked off the list- waving…check…clapping….check….shaking her head at anything when you say no to her….check.

She is a little sponge absorbing all that she can, learning new things and you can see her little brain tick as she tries to understand something.   She is wonderfully happy, always smiling and often found getting up to mischief.

She’s on a voyage of discovery and she’s loving every single second.

And we are enjoying watching it just as much.

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