Family • May 11, 2014

{The Ordinary Moments 14} #19 ‘Auntie’

My little sister Anna is ten years younger than me.  I still remember vividly the day she was born.  I went to school as normal and in the evening my Dad took me to see ‘the new baby’ at the hospital.  I walked straight past her in her plastic see through cot, ignored her and went straight to my Mum.  I was nervous by this little being in the room, nervous about what it would be like to be a big sister.

But soon I adored having a baby in the house, I would help my Mum change her nappy, dress her up in ridiculous outfits and show her off to all my friends.  I was fiercely protective of her, in fact once having a physical fight with a boy in the playground because he deliberately knocked her over with a swing.

Then at eighteen I went off to uni and for years I wasn’t really all that close to her.  At that stage in my life- growing up, moving out and becoming independent- well our age gap seemed even bigger than it actually was and we didn’t have a thing in common.  I saw her when I went home for the holidays and I loved her dearly, but when I was eighteen and she was eight the ten years seemed a lot.

When we moved from London six years ago, we moved back in with my Mum for a bit while we saved for our house.  It was then that I started to get close to Anna again.  The gap seemed less and while she irritated me sometimes, (and still does!) we became friends.  When my girls were born, we became closer still, for she truly is the best Auntie we could ask for.

She adores my girls and they adore her.  LL’s smile is always so wide when she sees ‘Auntie Annie’ and Mads talks about her every day.  She sees them a few times a week and I am so thankful that she plays such a big part in their lives.  She comes out with us on family days often, we go shopping, she comes over lots and she also babysits for us occasionally too.

My girls are very lucky to have her.  Like when she buys them big ice creams with sprinkles like from these iPhone photos on Monday.  Because Aunties always get THE best treats.




My girls are a lot closer in age so hopefully they will be close.  But if they are best friends like myself and my little sister, I will be so very proud of them.

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