Family • November 10, 2013

{The Ordinary Moments} #13 ‘Double Buggy Fun


When I was pregnant with LL, we wondered whether we would benefit from a double buggy.  Mads was twenty six months when LL came along and we didn’t know if we would get the use out of it.  It turns out that it has been a godsend to us.

I love walking with my girls.  We live on the very outskirts of our little town and it takes about twenty five minutes to walk in, so we often bundle up in the buggy and walk in to go for a cake date, a mooch round the shops or to meet friends.  When LL was a newborn she faced me in the car seat but from six months she has been sat facing the same way as Mads.

I love their little buggy chatter.  Mads rarely wears her straps any more as she is a good girl and knows not to get out while the buggy is moving.  As such she constantly leans over and strokes LL’s ear, or plays peek a boo with her- LL giggles non stop at her.  We always have such good conversations while we are in the buggy, we walk along and play i-spy, or chat about what we have been doing.  Mads isn’t distracted by anything else and I get her full attention.

Whenever we go out shopping, we always get a lot of attention for having the double buggy, sometimes good and sometimes bad.  It can be hard to manouvre round certain shops, and occasionally it can be stressful if the shops are really busy.  But for the most part, we get a lot of people saying that I must have my hands full, or commenting on how cute the girls are together.

This particular phone photo was taken last week when we went out for the day with my little sister.  My sister’s days off work are on a Thursday and Friday, which means that we often see her on one of those days. She is the most wonderful Auntie, and both my girls adore her.  We went shopping into Cambridge for the day, and Mads and LL were really good.

Now LL is getting older, the age gap between them doesn’t seem as big as it was when she was a newborn.  They really are so interactive with each other, and as cheesy as it sounds Mads tells me about ten times a day that LL is her best friend.  I keep getting glimpses of what the future is going to be like with these cheeky two.

No more so than when they chatter and giggle non stop as they sit next to each other in their buggy.

It’s an ordinary moment.

But I know I will miss it when my babies are too old to be pushed around by me.

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