Family • October 27, 2013

{The Ordinary Moments} #11’Baking Cakes’



I have mentioned before how our children seem to thrive on the slower pace of life.  Don’t get me wrong, the days out, visiting friends or fun trips are much wanted and needed, but actually those days and weekends where we don’t do much suit us just fine.

At the moment our lives are governed and dominated by naps.  I never thought I would be so strict on a nap routine, as I am pretty laid back about most other aspects of parenting, but I was blessed for the most part, with great little sleepers so I do like to keep to the routine as much as we can.

As such we generally go out every morning during the week and are back by 1.30pm for naps, unless we have a day out planned.  We have to at least get out of the house a bit, even if it is just for a walk or a drive to the shop, as we all get a bit of cabin fever if we are at home ALL day.  Most days in the week we see friends and go out with them.  The girls then generally nap well, Mads naps for at least two hours as long as LL doesn’t wake her up, and LL will nap for generally an hour, or a bit less at the moment, before having sleepy/feedy cuddles with me.  They won’t last forever and of course we have days where they don’t work out the way they should, but I do try and stick to the routine as much as I can.

The weekends are similar except those chilled out mornings somehow seem even more chilled out.  I don’t know what it is, perhaps an extra pair of hands to help out, to get a child in the car for me, or another watchful pair of eyes when we are out and about.  Plus I am lucky that Mr E is probably even more of a hands on parent than me.

As the weather starts to take a turn for the worst, with dark mornings and rainy horrible days, it is trying to find things to do with the girls- to keep them stimulated and happy, as well as burning off energy.  I am not a massive crafter Mummy, although I am sure as they get older we will do more, and I am a pretty dismal cook, but we do like to bake cakes.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to start a food blog and call myself Nigella, but it is something that we all enjoy doing.  Mads loves to pull up a chair and stand at the kitchen side and help me and Daddy, and as she gets older she is becoming more interested in what we are doing.  And of course she loves to lick the bowl out, which quite frankly is the best thing about making cakes anyway.

I have such fond memories of doing the same thing when I was little, so I like the fact that when we do make things they will hopefully look back on them just as fondly.  I have come to realise that parenting and creating memories for our children are not all about the expensive days out or the holidays, but the day to day life.  About making my girls hopefully realise that their childhood may not have been particularly fancy or not always thrilling, but that it was a really good one.

And that’s exactly why I started this little project.  To record our Ordinary Moments.

As they are definitely worth treasuring.

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