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{The Ordinary Moments 17} #21 ‘A Post about nothing in particular’

When I sat down to write my post for this week I really couldn’t think of anything specific to write about. So I thought I would just do a post about nothing in particular, this and that, a life update if you will. It’s currently Saturday evening, it’s nearly 11pm and I am having a massive catch up on Love Island. Jon is away on a stag do in Portugal for four days and I told him that I would wait until he got home to watch it, but I couldn’t resist as there is absolutely nothing else on.

We took this photo on Thursday night after we got back from Mad’s football class and it makes me laugh. Because Jon and I both work from home, we are pretty much constantly together, so as such when either of us go away it suddenly seems like the person left behind is outnumbered. That said, I must admit I do enjoy spending time with them all one on one, weirdly everything seems to run smoother when there is just one of us, I don’t know whether they get more undivided attention when there’s just one of us, but the last couple of nights they genuinely have been as good as gold.

While I miss Jon when he goes away, I also enjoy my own company from time to time too. I have spent the weekend pottering about the house, doing odd jobs here and there, and I had some friends over for a mini house warming on Thursday evening. I’ll be more than ready for him to come home on Monday though, but I do love snuggling up on the sofa and watching what I want on the television. Before we had the children Jon worked night shifts a lot and I was contracted to work away a week of the month in my job, so we spent a lot of time apart. Nowadays it couldn’t be any more different, with us both working from home and being constantly together. I wouldn’t change our current situation for anything in the world, I love it, but I also think it is healthy to have some time apart from time to time.

Speaking of time apart, last weekend I spent some time apart from our other little people and I took Mads out for the day on her own. We headed over to my friend Louise’s to have a play date with her and our other friend Emma and their little girls. Before we went we took this photo and I absolutely love it. Mads is growing up so quickly, I can’t believe that in a week she will have finished Year One of school. This past year has gone so quickly and I really do wish time would slow down. She got her end of school year report and it reiterated to us that she is a really clever girl, she is excelling in all areas, but her teacher did say that she was ‘lively’ and had a tendency to complete her work at speed and not always therefore make it her best work. I know she does this as I see her doing it with her homework too, plus Mads lives her whole life out in speed. She’s always on the go and never stops, and sometimes I think as a result she often is the one I am ‘telling off’ for not listening or being a little bit cheeky, and sometimes I think this is a little unfair of me. It is just out of all my children, she is often to put it frankly, the ‘hardest work’. I want to make sure I really nurture her in the summer holidays, I want to make sure that we spend lots of one on one time together if we can, and I want to really to spend quality time with her. She’s such a special little thing and I love her so much, I think hopefully we can both thrive together during the summer holidays.

I can’t wait for the summer holidays now. Six weeks of no school runs just sounds bliss right about now. I must admit that I am nervous about how on earth I am going to juggle work around all three of them, but we will make it work. I really want to also relish the time with Lottie as well, before my little school girl heads off to reception in September. It’s all just going so quick and sometimes I want to grab time with both hands and tell it to slow down, I really don’t want my little people to stop being little.

We haven’t got a lot of plans for the summer, something which I am actually really pleased about, although knowing us we will end up finding lots of things nearer the time to fill it. We have a week’s holiday booked in France in August which I am really looking forward to, but other than that I want to spend a lot of time at home. I am absolutely loving being in our new house, we have been here over a month now, and while sometimes I still feel like I am house sitting, most of the time I still walk around feeling like I cannot believe it is ours. I love every single thing about it, even though it isn’t done to our tastes, I love the fact we have more space, I love the neighbourhood, I love the fact we have such an exciting project in terms of renovating it, I just love it all. I want to spend a lot of the summer at home, getting settled and enjoying our new life here together. We will be having some building work happening and windows being replaced towards the latter part of the summer, so in-between some hopefully lovely days out I do want to spend time just being together at home.

The house is making slow progress. Three rooms are sort of half done- the girls bedroom, our baby boy’s room and the playroom. I am at that stage where there are a few things that need to be done in each room, but until those are done none will be finished. I think either the girls room or the play room will end up being done first which is exciting. The girls absolutely love their ice cream themed room so far and I love how excited they are about it. After that, I have no idea what will be the next project on our massive list, bar the windows being replaced and the conservatory being modified. We shall see, but our pot of money is running pretty low already so we might have to wait a while.

And that’s it really for my mini life update. I am still doing a few day in the life’s each week over on You Tube which I am really enjoying. Jon and I have talked about putting our baby boy into nursery, something which I have been really reluctant about, but I deep down know that we do need to start thinking about it. At the moment not only is my work/life balance rubbish, but also I am finding it exceptionally hard to fit in everything I need to do. I find I am constantly chasing my tail and not ever doing anything proactive and I find that I only have time to concentrate on one thing at a time- so I might concentrate on You Tube but then my blog or instagram suffers, or I might work hard on instagram but then my you tube doesn’t get any new videos. I am hoping if he goes into nursery one (or possibly two days a week as you have to do at least two I think) then it might help me be a better parent and wife as I will have more time to dedicate to them instead of fitting in work to every extra hour I can. Realistically though I do think that it is just part and parcel of the nature of this work, you are never going to be completely on top of it all, and there is always so so much more you could be doing.

I’ll finish this post off with a picture of my boy. Who is at that stage where I need eyes in the back of my head as he is honestly the biggest mischief maker. In a room full of toys, he can find the one thing he shouldn’t be playing with. He is trouble with a capital T but he is also just the loveliest boy so we always forgive him.


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