Family • July 9, 2017

{The Ordinary Moments 17} #20 ‘Oh My Boy’

Sometimes a post doesn’t need a lot of words because the photos do the talking. I feel this is that kind of post. The other day one early evening just before bed, I suddenly remembered I wanted to take a photo of our boy in his new shoes for an instagram post. We headed out to the patch of grass next to our new house, and snapped a few photos. But I loved them all so much I thought I would pop them on here so I would have them documented forever.

I really go through phases with my big camera. Some times I love it and can’t get enough of it, I go out of my way to take photos and it’s never far away from me. But I also go through phases where I find I use my phone to take photos a lot more. It’s hard to give everything an equal share, taking ‘in the moment’ photos with my phone, videoing and capturing ‘day in the life’ videos for you tube or taking the time to get my DSLR out. I find that I fall in love with my DSLR again when we travel, it is never not around my neck, but often during day to day life I make do with my phone. So it was nice to go out deliberately with my camera and take some photos of him.

At nearly fifteen months he really is at the most delicious age at the moment. If I look at him next to other babies of his age he seems really small still. He isn’t showing any signs of walking, he is only really just properly crawling on his knees as he still prefers the drag himself method, and he is only really just starting to interact properly in terms of clapping and things like that. He’s regressed a little sleep wise the last few weeks, having gone from being a terrible sleeper for 11 months, to sleeping through 12 hours, he’s now waking up between 4-6am and not wanting to go back to sleep. He’s still very much my baby, still having milk from me twice in the morning and the evening, still quite dinky, but at the same time he is learning and growing, he’s so mischievous and I really have to have eyes in the back of my head. I feel like such a cliche but the girls didn’t seem quite so mischievous at this age, but with him he manages to find all the things in a room that he shouldn’t be touching and when you tell him no he looks at you with the cheekiest glint in his eye.

So yes, instead of lots of words, I am going to let the photos do the talking here. My happy boy who certainly keeps us on our toes, but who we wouldn’t change for anything in the entire world.

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