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{The Ordinary Moments 17} #12 ‘For the love of Video’

As you read this I will be currently be in California on the trip of a lifetime with our little family. It is something which we have been planning for years, it is somewhere I have been wanting to go ever since I was young, but we never quite knew when the right time was. We decided to bite the bullet and do it now. I still can’t quite believe we are going to be going somewhere that I have dreamed of going for so long. My blog might be a little bare for the next couple of weeks, but I am so excited to be capturing so many family memories in such an amazing place.

However today I wanted to talk about something that has become a huge passion of mine over the last few months, and that is video. I have always been massively creative and when I started this blog six years ago now, I became obsessed with taking photos. Before I started my blog I was always the person who took their camera on nights out, or out everywhere they went, but becoming a mum and also starting this blog gave me a purpose for my photography. Over the years photography has become my passion and I absolutely love capturing our memories.

I was really late starting the whole You Tube thing. While I had a channel because I watched videos myself, I only ever really put up the occasional videos of our days out or our travel adventures. But then times are changing aren’t they, and making videos just sort of became an extension of being a blogger. Slowly I have started trying to get out of my comfort zone, I started doing the odd sit down talking to the camera video (which still make me cringe!) and also start to do more vlogs (although I still cannot talk to the camera in public where there is the possibility that anyone could see me- I have to often go down a little side street away from people so they can’t see me do it!)

I’m a bit of a geek when it all comes down to it. I love learning about video, about the technical side of it, I like pushing myself to try new things and to create a story. There’s something about making videos which I find really therapeutic, while the filming I could take or leave, I love settling down to edit it and see it all come alive and into a story when you add music and piece it all together. I am also so inspired by other peoples videos as well, I follow parenting vloggers of course, but I also have a real passion for watching travel vloggers too, mainly ones without kids. It’s just such an amazing way go being able to get a glimpse into someone else’s life. We live in quite a crazy world when you think about it.

I just know in years to come I am absolutely going to love watching back the videos I have made. The adventures we used to have, the holidays but of course the ordinary moments too. I have been trying to film a day in the life video a week since January and I haven’t missed a week yet (although I will be while we are in California but I will also have lots of travel memories to capture too!) Kind of like the old snippets of film from my childhood, I remember my Dad chasing us around with this huge big camcorder, and me even having a camcorder myself that I got for my birthday when I was about 14. I loved watching back the snippets he managed to film, laughing at his crazy moustache or the fact that my mum had given me a hair cut that looked like she had cut round it with a pudding bowl. Sadly when my parents divorced and we moved out of our house we somehow lost all the tapes, but that’s the beauty of the generation we are living in- everything can be backed up and we will have this footage to last a lifetime.

I thought I would share five random favourite videos that I have done, but there are lots more over on You Tube…


This was just one of our day in the life videos I do. They are really time consuming to make each week and then edit, but I know that I am really going to love looking back on these ordinary moments.

This was another day in the life but we were actually in Leeds for a couple of days. I really loved filming this one as Leeds is somewhere massively close to my heart as it is where Jon and I first met and where I lived for years before we moved to where we are now.


This is a little trailer I made for our channel as on You Tube you get the option to have a little trailer that shows to people who aren’t subscribed to you. I had a great time finding all the clips for this and editing them together and it makes me emotional watching it.

This was from when we went skiing in January. We had never done it before and I had a great time editing all our memories together and finding some cool music to go with it.


And then finally this is a tour I did of our baby boy’s new bedroom. I know that in years to come when we are potentially living in a different house and our kids are in different rooms, I will love to look back on our house and see what it used to like. I know I would love to go back and see my childhood bedroom if I could!


You can subscribe to my You Tube channel here if you haven’t already. ;0)


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