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{The Ordinary Moments 16} #36 ‘A So So Week’

As I write this it is 11pm on Saturday evening and I am typing onto my phone in the darkness of a hotel room. I am up in Manchester for the evening as tomorrow I am speaking at the Blog On conference and our baby boy is of course with me because he is still very much reliant on boobs! I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t written my Ordinary Moments post, so that is what I am doing now. It has definitely been one of those weeks- one where I feel like it has all been a little hectic, slightly stressful and just generally a bit ‘meh’.

We started off the week ok, but on Tuesday we all started to feel a bit under the weather. LL was sent home from nursery, I got a call just after lunch saying that while she wasn’t showing signs of a temperature, she just wasn’t herself and she woke up from her nap crying which never happens. She came home from nursery and seemed ok, but Mads got home from school and fell asleep on the sofa which never happens. They got better pretty quickly, but in the meantime I came down with it on Wednesday and I am still suffering a fair few days later. I’m not really unwell, I’ve just got a tension headache, cough, cold and sore throat.

I think half my trouble is that I am exceptionally run down and as a result my immune system which I like to think is normally pretty tough, is just basically a little fed up. I am so tired, so very tired, with most of that coming from a baby who still isn’t sleeping well at all. His sleep is so sporadic, but he basically only goes a couple of hours at a time before waking, plus is also sleeping in our bed most of the night as that is when he is most settled- which in turn means me panicking about getting him so used to it that we will never get him in his own room, and also means I don’t get much sleep as he wriggles around next to me.

To top it off I have felt a lot of pressure from work deadlines and other things this week, mainly because I have been poorly and haven’t felt like turning on the computer and working in the evenings. Working from home is the best and I wouldn’t change it for the world, but it can mean it is hard to manage your time around three children, especially when you are feeling poorly. This week I have spectacularly failed at doing so, and the time I have had I have wasted as I haven’t been able to really concentrate.

On Thursday night I was supposed to be going out to the cinema with friends but we had a nasty incident with our baby boy. We went to get him ready for bed and noticed that his toes on one foot were blue and bleeding which was a complete shock. It turns out that he had managed to get one of my hairs wrapped so tightly around his toes and despite us attempting to pull it off with tweezers, it was so swollen that we just couldn’t get to it. I had to rush him to A and E where we were seen quite quickly thank goodness, and it took three doctors hours to get the hair from around the worst affected toe by cutting the skin and also using tweezers. It was a harrowing experience for me and of course not very pleasant for him either.

Apparently although it is relatively uncommon, it still happens more than you think and is called a hair tourniquet, women shed a lot of hair post partum and this can sometimes get caught in their socks or baby grows and then they jump and wriggle around causing them to get wrapped round tightly. I put some photos on my blog facebook page as I wanted to raise awareness as I had no idea that a hair could cause so much damage. Thankfully by the next day he was fine, although sore, but it was a bit of an ordeal and sort of summed up my week really.

I guess sometimes we get those weeks. Not every week can be perfect and full of happy memories. A week doesn’t necessarily have to be bad. Just so so. Average. Not great. And that is exactly what this past week has been for me. But despite the slightly testing moments, the under the weather moments and the so so moments, we have had some happy ones too. Yesterday we took advantage of the lovely autumn weather we have been having and we went for a walk. I took my DSLR just because I felt it had been collecting dust and it was nice to take some photos just for the sake of it.

I look at these photos fondly as they firstly feel very autumnal and I am actually quite looking forward to Autumn now as I am getting fed up of not being sure whether to wear a jumper or sandals, plus it’s just a simple moment with my little family. I just really love them all.

Sometimes ordinary life gets in the way a bit, but then at the same time it is ordinary life that can also make you smile the most.

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In case you were wondering the girls gorgeous yellow jumpers are from Gap, their shoes are from Next and Mads hat is from H and M. My striped top is from Topshop and perfect for breastfeeding as it’s baggy, has slits and also hides my mum tum, and my jeans are from Topshop. Our baby boy’s vest is from Gap but I can’t find it online.

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