Family • September 4, 2016

{The Ordinary Moments 16} #33 ‘On The Side of the Road’

Sometimes I take photos and there’s a big tale behind them. I find my words just flow freely, that I use words to back up my photos, to help tell my stories. Or I take photos of our travels and I want to share what the photo is all about, the places we have been, the adventures we have had.  And then sometimes there isn’t really a need for words. There isn’t much of a story, or a tale behind the photos. There’s nothing to explain, nothing to point out, nothing really to say.

On Bank Holiday Monday we went for a BBQ at my mums. It was lovely, my step sister and her family were there, as was my sister and her boyfriend, my mum and stepdad of course being that it was at their house, and also their neighbour too. It was a fantastic night. I had my ‘big camera’ on me in the car as I had been using it for our ‘Me and Mine’ photos earlier on in the afternoon. As we were driving home I noticed that the sun was practically set and was a beautiful orange/red, so I made Jon stop over the car and we got out to take some photos.

There is actually a story of sorts behind them. Mads wanted to stay in the car as she was currently having a bit of a strop because we had told her that she couldn’t go out with my mum the following day (my mum is her favourite person ever!) as I was taking her out with her friends. (We ended up having a fantastic day together the next day but that’s not the point, the point is she was sulking in the car!) So we jumped out with our littlest lady and took a few photos. I love them so much.

Like I said, there’s no real story behind them. They aren’t an interesting setting, just the side of a random road between my mums house and ours. But sometimes no words are needed and I know I will look back on these and appreciate them for exactly what they are.

Simple, ordinary photos full of love.

sunset_august_02  sunset_august_04 sunset_august_05 sunset_august_06 sunset_august_07 sunset_august_08 sunset_august_09sunset_august_03

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