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{The Ordinary Moments 16} #13 ‘Half a Decade’

Half a decade sounds like a really long time. When I think about the fact that Mads is five and I have been a parent for 5 years, it makes my mind boggle, yet at the same time I cannot imagine a time when she wasn’t in my life. But as of tomorrow I have hit another half a decade milestone- 5 whole years of blogging.

I don’t quite know what made me start my blog on the 28th March 2011. I can’t even really remember the day particularly, but all I know is that I didn’t really think much to it, I signed up with the most awful name ‘Mummy Daddy and Me makes Three’ (how many times I wish I had changed my name over the years) and it was then my blogging journey began. Back then the blogging world was so different, there was a handful of UK bloggers who I was completely in awe of, but other than that it was nothing whatsoever like it is today. I published my first post, got myself on twitter and that was that.

I’ve written umpteen posts over the years about my blogging journey and what blogging means to me, so this post isn’t about that. But what I will say is that as cheesy as it sounds the 28th March 2011 completely changed my life. That sounds a bit OTT to say that, but it really did. Blogging has enriched my life in more ways than I thought possible. Besides the obvious reasons which I have spoken of time and time again, like being able to work mostly on my blog (and a couple social media clients) as a full time income and being able to give up my previous 5 year role as an account manager in the travel industry to work flexibly around my girls- it has bought me so much more than that.

It has bought me so many friends, including best ones, friends that myself and my family will be friends with forever, it has helped me become incredibly passionate about photography and now videography too, it’s taught me design skills, helped me understand a little more about my husband’s career (everything has always been done by myself and Mr E) and above all it’s helped me capture my little family’s life. I started it when Mads was 3 months old, to the birth of her little sister in 2013, and now soon her baby brother too. I am so incredibly grateful for blogging for helping me capture our family life and record all our most precious moments and ordinary ones in between.

I get blogging isn’t for everyone. I have questioned many times over the years whether I should even do it. I have weeks where I think what on earth am I doing, why am I sharing our lives publicly? But at the moment the positives outweigh the negatives. If one day my children, husband or I wanted to stop, I would shut it down in a second.

There truly hasn’t been a day in the last five years when I haven’t thought about this blog and I have worked harder on it than I ever have on anything in my life. I was never one to stick at hobbies, shying away at the first sign that I wasn’t going to be passionate about it, or when it got a little tough. But I am so glad that I stuck at this, through all those months when not a single soul read it, or all those hours upon hours a week, years actually, that I put into it when it didn’t earn me a single penny or opportunity. Because I have always stuck to the one reason why this blog exists- and that is to record our lives together. Over the years of course I have monetised it, how on earth could you not take that opportunity to stay at home and earn money for doing what you love, but I have always turned most of those opportunities down because at the end of the day this is, and always will be, our family diary.

And now I have five years worth of memories. The most precious ones, the not so good ones, and even the most ordinary ones too. Plus every day I get to immerse myself around incredibly creative people, most of whom I am lucky enough to call my friends. (check out some of my favourite, inspirational blogs here-this is just a few of them though, there’s so many more!)

So this post is a little self indulgent of me, but it is a look back at some of my most favourite posts over the years, as well as some of my favourite photos too….

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 My Top Favourite Posts…

1. The First Time I Held My Babies– An exceptionally cheesy post about meeting the girls for the first time. (I had just had LL and I think I was hormonal and emotional!)

2. Exhausting. But Intoxicating– A rambling post about motherhood.

3. It’s The Middle of the Night– A post about making it all better when they are poorly.

4. Intense– Another rambling post about motherhood. 😉

5. A Year of Fitness– When I started my fitness mission. Ironic as I am eating a malteaser bunny as I write this. 

6. The Countdown– A post about the countdown to Mads starting school.

7. Contentment, Yellow Fields and Motherhood Ramblings– Just for the pretty photos, you can’t beat those yellow fields!

8. Lavender Fields 2013, 2014 and 2015– I love that blogging has made us take a yearly trip to the lavender fields and you can tell how much my photography has improved!

9. Our Little Exciting News– I love this post and video we made when we announced we were pregnant and told our girls for the first time.

10. Our Holiday to Orlando- Part One– We are fortunate enough to travel a fair bit through my blog but I had to include this one as it really was somewhere I had dreamed of going since I was a little girl.

11. We are having a…. our Gender Reveal– I love this post and video we made when we told our girls they were going to be having a baby brother.

12. The Last Time– A recent post about the final few weeks of my last pregnancy.


And there we have it. A little bit self indulgent but if you can’t celebrate 5 years of blogging with a little trip down memory lane than when can you? I cannot believe that I have been writing this little space on the internet for that long, but I hope I continue writing it for many, many more. Who knows what the next five years will bring myself and my little family, but here’s hoping that whatever it is, I am recording our memories like I have done for so long.

I’m so grateful that something made me start it on the 28th March 2011. If you don’t have a blog and wonder whether to start one- then definitely do it!


Pssst! I am not very good at asking for these things at all and will only ask once (and once on my Facebook page but who’s counting?!) but if you like my blog (or anyone else’s for that matter!) but for those of you who don’t have a blog then it is awards season in blog land and I was wondering whether you would take a second to vote for me in the Mad Blog Awards and the Brit Mums Bibs awards? They only take a few minutes and they mean a lot to a blogger- it is a lovely feeling to be nominated and recognised.

I guess photography or pregnancy in the MADS would suit me best and perhaps photo in the BIBS!

MADS nomination form.

BIBS nomination form.

Thanks so much if you do. xx

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