Family • October 20, 2013

{The Ordinary Moments} #10 ‘The Family Bed’



There’s something so familiar about the family bed.

A lot of our routines are structured from it- every evening we have a bath and then get the girls ready on our bed, laughing and joking as Mads jumps around, struggling to get her into her pj’s.  It always makes me smile that she has literally no inhibitions, and I love that about her.  The innocence of her.

It’s a chance to reflect on the day’s events, we chat about what we have done that day and what we are doing tomorrow.  It’s a chance to all be together, as a four, and it is one of my favourite moments of the day.  And then an air of calmness descends over us, LL snuggles up into me to have her last feed of the day, while Mads and Daddy cuddle and we all read a story.

In the morning, it’s much the same.  LL has been getting a lot better with her sleep and we get a couple of sleeping throughs a week.  She still will occasionally come in bed with us around 6am for an hour or so, and I enjoy these sleepy cuddles/feeds.  Then at 7.30am Mr E’s alarm will sound, alerting us to the fact that it is time to start the day.  He will go into Mads room to get her, and he brings her back into our bed, all sleepy still with her curls unruly in a serious case of bed head.

Pongo the dog will always be with her, and she normally gives this to LL to cuddle- a little, indescript action that actually has a lot of meaning behind it.  Her most favourite friend for her sister.  Sometimes other friends are there too, and we will all get one to cuddle.  We lie there for a while, all of us not quite ready to leave the cosiness and security, not quite ready to start the day.

And then it begins.  The day.  The curtains open, the fairy lights go on, and we begin to get up- each of us caught up in our little world as we get the girls breakfast, clothes, tidy up, do our different jobs, and get ready for whatever the day has in store for us.

Until the same thing gets repeated the next night, and the next morning.

A familiar, every day, ordinary moment.

But it’s the security, and the over familiarness that make it exactly what it is.


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