Family • November 1, 2017

Me and Mine: A Family Project 2017: October

I’m a little bit late for my Me and Mine family photos this month, but it is for a very good reason. We are currently all feeling a little jet lagged as yesterday we arrived back in the UK after an amazing holiday in Orlando. It was truly the most incredible ten days and I am so sad it is all over. I have so many photos to share and posts to write, but for now we are all just slowly easing ourselves back into the routine of school and work, and I am relishing the fact that we still have our living room/family room renovations going on as I have a project happening to stop me missing the sunshine.

We had the best time together and all three of our little people thrived on the quality time with us. What is it about holidays that suddenly make your children come on in leaps and bounds? Our little quiet one Lottie started chatting away non stop on holiday, making us chuckle non stop with her new found confidence, Mads was her usual happy self but on more than one occasion made Jon and I look at each other and say ‘How is she only six?’ and their little brother went from a baby to a little boy overnight. There is still no walking happening, but he has slowly started learning some words, adding ‘Uh Oh’, ‘Roaaaaar’ and ‘Hi Ya’ to his repertoire. He smiled constantly on holiday, loving having his sisters with him 24 hours a day and of course his Mummy and Daddy too.

I always come back from a holiday feeling so content and happy close to my family. On the first night we said the girls could sleep in a bed with us, which we often do as a treat. But the days are so full on and crazy in Orlando that we would get home at night and all just want to go to sleep, so they ended up sleeping with us every night. To me holidays are about family and things you wouldn’t normally do at home, and it felt so special snuggling up to them both every evening.

I wanted to share a couple of photos of us all, funnily enough unlike ‘real life’ Orlando and Disney is definitely a place where you take more family photos than normal. People are always on hand offering to take photos of you all, I lost count of the number of times someone saw me taking a photo of the four of them and asked if I wanted to jump in the photo and they would take one instead. Plus I have a fair few photos of us all meeting the characters at Disney as of course the Disney photographers are on hand to take your photo too. These photos were taken one evening at ‘Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, a highlight of our trip which I am sure I will talk about soon.

I love them because firstly they are taken at my favourite time for photos, the golden hour just as the sun is setting, and also because we look happy, carefree and content- that is exactly what we are.

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