Family • May 30, 2017

Me and Mine: A Family Project 2017: May

I have some very special photos to share this month. At first glance they don’t look particularly special at all, just us sat on the door step of our little home, pulling faces and being silly. But these photos are probably going to be ones that I look back on in years to come and feel all sorts of different emotions when I look at them. They actually signify the end of an era for us, we are about to go through some huge family changes here and we took these photos to remind ourselves of this period in our lives.

After eight years in our home we are moving to a new house very soon. We didn’t think we would stay in our little home this long, we had plans to live there for around three to four years, but over the years we have experienced tough times financially, then we had Mads, followed by her little sister a couple of years later and then her baby brother a couple of years after that, and it just never seemed like the right time to even contemplate moving. We then did a lot of work on our house and got it exactly how we wanted it, and that was that, we decided to stay put for a while.

A few months ago we started to look at houses. There is actually a really funny story behind the reason why, I wrote about it for my ordinary moments post last week but for some reason it didn’t publish properly as we are away at the moment, so I am saving it for next Sunday instead. But after some serious grown up talks we decided that actually it seemed like a really good time to move for various reasons. We put in an offer on a house, it got accepted, our house sold, and the rest of it happened really quickly. We exchanged contract last week and our moving date is set for really soon.

While we are incredibly excited about the prospect of more space, it is definitely going to be weird going from a home that is so perfectly done to our tastes, to a home which needs a lot of work, but I can’t wait to have the challenge of decorating and updating our home again. It is going to be a project which will take years due to us not having much budget left bar the odd bit of minor decorating work to begin with, but it is still all so exciting. Of course these things are bittersweet though, we will all miss our little house so much, after all it has been home for the last eight years, it is where we became engaged, where we came back to as man and wife, and where we bought all three of our babies home to. It is our first home together so of course for that reason it is always going to have a special place in our hearts.

But now it’s time for the next chapter for our family. And of course we had to take some photos to signify such a special moment in our family, they are a bit silly but I love them…

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