Family • July 31, 2017

Me and Mine: A Family Project 2017: July

Some of my most favourite photos I have ever taken have been taken in the lavender. There’s something about those beautiful purple flowers, they make the perfect backdrop. It has become a family tradition of sorts, we go every year. Inevitably the idea is met with a couple of groans nowadays from the girls (and Jon) as they turn their noses up at the idea of going out somewhere specifically only to take photos. However every ymear they seem to get there and forget about their groans, we end up having a nice time, and I always am thrilled with the results. This year was no exception.

My all time favourite set of family photos was taken in the lavender back in 2015. We had the field to ourselves, the flowers were at that ultimate best, and it was just one of those days full of happy memories. But of course I can’t really have that as my all time favourite set now we have a little man in our lives, so this year I went armed with the tripod ready to take some more family photos of us. Last year we left it too late and the lavender had gone a not so attractive semi brown type of colour so we didn’t bother with family shots, so I was pinning my hopes on getting some nice photos this time. I love the ones we took first and then at the end we tried for a few family shots.

I absolutely love them. It’s so hard to get all of us looking at the camera, our baby boy just literally tends to look anywhere but, but even though we might not all be smiling, we have managed to get all five of us looking in these. I call that a photo taking win. Mads and Lottie love to press the self timer and then run back into the shot, so although it sometimes means it catches us blurry or mid trying to get into the frame, it also means that their smiles are usually genuine and it also makes for happy memories.

The first week of the school holidays is already over here and so far it’s going great. I must admit I was a little nervous about the thought of having all three of them off for six weeks, while trying to juggle work and just general life. Last summer for the first couple of weeks Mads was really quite hard work and a little naughty, we wondered at the time whether she was just exhausted from the end of her first year of reception. But touch wood so far it’s been really lovely, of course they all have their moments, but for the most part they are all being a pleasure to be around. I am loving having all three of them home and if it carries on this way I know I will be really sad when I have not one, but two of them at school. We have a quiet summer planned, bar a week in France on holiday which we are all so excited about.

I hope it is a summer of making happy memories.

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