Family • January 31, 2017

Me and Mine: A Family Project 2017: January

So the supposed bleakest month of the year has been and gone. I remember before I had children and I was working at my previous job, January seemed to go so incredibly slowly, pay day seemed literally like it was never going to roll around. Nowadays it seems to whizz by, just like all the other months. Some go quicker than others, but for the most part it gets to the end of the month, my babies are just that little bit older, and I wish that time would be kind to us and slow down a bit. While we all tend to wish for the exciting things in the diary to arrive, or the milestone dates to come around, at the same time as a Mum I feel like they tick by at such a fast rate. January was no exception, my biggest girl lost her first tooth, while her baby brother gained two new ones so now he has two at the top and two at the bottom. Again these little moments are exciting, they are ones to celebrate, yet at the same time in a way they make me feel a little sad- time just goes so damn fast and I want to grasp it with both hands and tell it to slow down.

January has both been busy and quiet at the same time. We started the month on our wonderful ski holiday in Les Gets, which lets face it is a pretty amazing way to see in the New Year. There has been lots of time spent at home, but at the same time those times have been both quiet yet hectic. There have been the usual birthday parties to go to, as of course our children have better social lives than us, and we also hosted a birthday party ourselves- Mads had a joint ‘Spy’ 6th party with one of her best friends from school, plus the usual day to day goings on of homework to do, houses to tidy and family to catch up with. Yet there have also been some quite exciting goings on this month. The first thing is that we are currently in the process of having a garage conversion done. We live in a three bedroom house and for a couple of years now our third little bedroom has been our office as both Jon and I work from home. But our really bad non sleeping boy (you can read about him here) definitely has come to the point in his little life where at nine months, he needs his own room. Originally we had decided that we would try and rent a little office space for Jon somewhere in the town near where we live. However we were looking and even a desk in a shared office was looking to be quite expensive. We had some quotes for a garage conversion just before christmas and we decided just to go for it. It’s nothing fancy but it is going to make a huge difference to our work and home life, as it means Jon can shut himself away during the day and we won’t disturb him, plus of course it means that our baby boy can have his own bedroom. They are both almost done in terms of building and decorating, we just need to wait for a bit of furniture to arrive next month for them to be completely finished, but that is something that is incredibly exciting for us both.

The other thing that has happened this month is that we have been to Center Parcs for a long weekend. (I have made a video but as yet haven”t written a post)  We went with my sister and her boyfriend and it was a lovely weekend together. We hadn’t been away all together before and we had a great time, relaxing and having a lot of fun in the swimming pool together. This is where my photos were taken for this month. For once I am organised and haven’t left it right until the last minute! It was such a novelty having someone else to take photos for us, rather than relying on a tripod, and I absolutely love all the photos my sister took for us. It was freezing cold (note the frozen over lake) but as we took these the sun was setting and it was just lovely.

February is actually a pretty quiet month for us, with nothing planned at all bar a couple of days away at half term and also a little lady’s 4th birthday, which I can’t quite believe! The one thing she wants to do is go and watch the Batman Lego movie and go to pizza- so that is exactly what we are going to do. I am looking forward to spending some time at home and sorting out our new rooms, I do love a good decorating project!

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