Family • February 28, 2017

Me and Mine: A Family Project 2017: February

So much for turning over a new leaf with my Me and Mine photos this year and making sure I do them with plenty of time to spare. These were taken last night after school, when I suddenly remembered that it was the end of the month tomorrow. I had one month last month of being organised when we went to Center Parcs and managed to get my sister to take some lovely photos of us, but we are back to leaving it right until the last minute for February.

However when we did the same last September and scrambled around to get some photos of us, we ended up taking probably my most favourite Me and Mine photos in the whole four years we have been doing it. All we did was position my camera on the windowsill resting on a book but I loved the photos we took, so much so that I ended up blowing up one of the photos and putting it on a canvas in our new office (will do a tour of it soon!). When I realised that we had left it till the last minute, it was raining and no one could be bothered to go out, I decided we would recreate the photos that we did last time and take some updated ones.

However last time was a very different story. Last time we had a quiet placid five month old who would stare at the shiny camera when it was clicking away on its burst feature. Now we have a very inquisitive ten month old who just wants to be into EVERYTHING. He isn’t crawling yet, or even doing that funny dragging/commando roll they do before they start to crawl, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting to touch everything in sight. I will hold him and he will just wiggle about trying to touch everything, his little eyes flitting about looking at how he can cause mischief. He is also still a little under the weather with a cold and a cough. This winter feels like it has been never ending when it comes to bugs. Mads has always (touch wood) had an immune system of steel and rarely gets poorly, whereas both LL and our baby boy seem to suffer from runny noses, coughs and colds that have lasted all winter. LL has been quite poorly with it the last week or so, while our baby boy just seems to have generally been under the weather the last few weeks, going from what I think is teething pain, to tummy aches and back to a cold, with no real let up in between.

As such, especially as we picked that witching hour time between 4pm and bedtime, he just wasn’t in the mood to be held for some photos. As much as we tried we couldn’t get him to smile and half the time he didn’t want to look at the camera either. I think you can tell that he looks a bit heavy around the eyes, whether that is from feeling a bit under the weather or just tiredness I don’t know. Finally at the end he just had enough and start crying, although the last photo in the bunch makes me smile the most as it definitely tells a story. Although none of these photos are particularly great on their own (it is so hard to get a good photo of five of you where everyone is looking semi presentable and normal!), I kind of love them for all their imperfectness as they completely sum us up.

I do love this crazy lot I am lucky to call my family.


  I do love this one. Jon’s face sums it up!


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