Family • October 1, 2017

Me and Mine: A Family Project 2017: August & September

When I look back in years to come at this little online space one of the things that I reckon I will be most grateful for is that I took so many family photos. There’s something so special about having photos of all us together to look back on, to see how our family changes and grows along the way. The little changes in us each month, capturing what we are up to at that point in time. I know for a fact that I am going to absolutely treasure them.

And we are definitely growing. There’s been some real changes around here these past few weeks. Firstly Mads went hurtling into Year 2 at school, happy and bouncy as always. It seems like another lifetime ago that we stood outside our old house taking her first day of reception photos. She’s grown unimaginably and it seems like now we well into the throes of primary school, that these school years are going to whirl past. I keep willing time to slow down, I’m not quite ready for my intelligent, feisty and downright crazy little girl to grow up too fast. Lottie started at the same school as her big sister and has settled into school life with confidence and happiness. I didn’t know whether she would, she’s still quite a young four in personality, but she is thriving and happy with school. Nothing makes me prouder than waiting outside her class room and seeing her bound out with the biggest grin on her face, chucking her bag into my arms, before running off with the little friends she’s made to the edge of the school field. I still feel a little sad and nostalgic about the fact that my beautiful littlest girl is now at school and a part of me wishes that she could be at home snuggling on the sofa with me watching Paw Patrol, but at the same time I know how much she is enjoying it.

Then if those big life changes weren’t enough, our baby boy also started in settling in sessions at nursery. It’s only for two long afternoons a week, but it still feels like the end of an era. He had his first proper full session at the end of last week and I missed him so much, but at the same time I know that it is good for both of us, it gives me chance to do a bit of work and it gives him a chance to interact and play with some little people his age. We also have lots going on in the house, our conservatory extension is in full swing, they broke through and knocked into our house last week so it is full mayhem here, we are living in dust, dirt and grime, but I couldn’t be more excited to watch our new living space take shape.

I have been a bad blogger the last month or so due to the aforementioned hectic times. That said we did manage to take a couple of photos and therefore I wanted to upload them regardless. The first ones were taken at a BBQ at my Grandparents a few weeks ago back when the weather was still slightly warm, and the second was taken on a lazy rainy weekend last weekend, one of those ones where you just snuggle in your pj’s and don’t do much else. Both very different but I love them both just the same.

Life continues to be exceptionally busy over the next few weeks, but I am definitely going to make more of an effort to take some more this month. As like always I look back at them and am so pleased that we took the time to take them.


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