Family • October 31, 2016

Me and Mine: A Family Project 2016: October

It’s 9.30pm on Sunday evening and I have just sat down to write this post. I am so tired, our baby boy has been a little unsettled this evening and all I want to do is collapse on the sofa and watch The X Factor. We are all tired for good reason though- this half term has certainly been a rather exciting one for us. Yesterday we got home from an incredible 8 nights in Orlando, Florida. We are all jet lagged, a little dazed, but our heads and our hearts are full of the most amazing memories.

I can’t even really find the words to type to even begin to explain about our trip, my emotions are still running high and I am finding it hard to process, let alone write down. It was one of the best, if not the best holidays we have ever been on and I still can’t believe we experienced it as a family. I’ve got so many posts to write, photos to go through, videos to edit and make, but I just picked out a few for our family photos this month as of course our trip to Florida has completely dominated October for us.

I hadn’t ever been to Orlando as a child, although I remember asking my Mum constantly if we could go one day. We just weren’t ever really in a position to be able to, so to have the opportunity to take my children is something which I can’t put into words how grateful I am. How grateful we all are. To be able to work with Visit Orlando quite simply is a dream come true and Orlando has become somewhere that we have fallen in love with more than we thought possible, and hopefully somewhere that will be a part of more family memories in the future.

In terms of family photos, we only really got them at Disneyworld, mainly because there are photographers everywhere you turn who will take your photo for you. I wish a Disney photographer would follow me around in my ordinary life too! Of course there are a few extra members in these photos, but cheesily we feel like Mickey and Co have become a small part of our family now, that is the magic of Disneyworld. We took so many photos with the characters, but quite often typically our baby boy decided to fall asleep just as it was our turn to meet them so many of the photos only have the four of us in them. Also try getting a baby to look at the camera when there is a giant character standing centimetres from him- it’s practically impossible!

Even looking at these photos give me goosebumps. Disneyworld truly is the most incredible experience and I have so much to write about it, plus all the other amazing places we went in Orlando as well. It’s back to reality here with piles of washing to do, houses to tidy, and lots of work to catch up on. There’s jet lag to beat and we really need to try and get this baby of ours into something that resembles a routine, having promised myself to do it once we got back from Florida.

But for now I will leave you with some happy snapshots of our time in the most magical place on earth…


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