Family • May 31, 2016

Me and Mine: A Family Project 2016- May

I can’t quite believe this is the second family photo with our new little member in it- I know I say it all the time but in some ways it feels like he has never not been a part of our family, but in some ways it feels like he is still so new and tiny. However inevitably, as it always does when you want it to slow down, it is racing by so quickly and our baby boy is now six weeks old. Why does it do that? I spent my entire pregnancy trying to relish having a bump and feeling him kick but the time went so slowly, and now he is here it feels like I want to grasp every moment with both hands and tell time to slow the hell down.

In some ways we have spent the month of May getting to know each other. After all May has been the first full month of being a family of five. But in some ways that isn’t really true. Our baby boy has just slotted in, in a somewhat cheesy way it feels like he has always been here and that we knew him already. But still May has been spent getting to grip with new routines, new obstacles and above all spending a lot of time not quite believing our luck.

So many people have asked me what having three children is like. It seems almost like any number after two warrants a bit of a inquisitive nature. I have had people tell me out loud that they think we are mad, (I always find that one a bit harsh) or the usual ‘you must have your hands full’, or just generally asking whether we are finding it easy or hard. In actual fact being a family of five doesn’t really feel that different to being a family of four- bar we get a new little person to love and treasure. Yes certain things involve a bit of juggling but actually it isn’t really any different. We have times when the girls are hyper or challenging, but it doesn’t make it any worse having the baby there, and we have times when he suffers with trapped wind and is unsettled, and generally the challenges that come with having a newborn, but it makes no difference that the girls are there too. Of course we are getting to grips with certain things, when our baby boy is unsettled just as the girls are going to bed for example, so one of us has to do it all, or that hectic time after dinner before bedtime. Bizarrely the thing I find most tiring is getting them all in and out of the car, it is such a mission! But for the most part adding three hasn’t really made life harder- just more hectic and happy.

For this months photos I really wanted to go to the yellow flowers, like we have done for the previous two years (here and here) but for some reason they have disappeared really early this year. We did go there a couple of weeks ago where I took these photos but due to our baby boy being a little unsettled and it starting to rain, we didn’t stay long enough to take any family ones. So over the long weekend we popped out to take some photos in a meadow near where we live. The setting looks so beautiful, but in actual fact there is a dual carriageway just 5o metres away behind the hedge!

I absolutely love these photos, I know I say it every time I think but these are some of my favourites I have ever taken. Firstly because that gorgeous golden light is my favourite kind of photography and secondly because it still makes me burst with pride seeing photos of the five of us. It still feels so busy and so many people, but yet like it was always meant to be when I see photos of us all.

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And some outtakes for good measure….

meandminemay16jI’ve never had a remote, I prefer to set the self timer and run back into shot as it makes it more natural somehow, and the girls like to run with me sometimes. Sometimes they don’t make it back in time though!meandminemay16k Then sometimes you misjudge the frame of a picture. And also Mads is strangling her Daddy!

meandminemay16bAnd sometimes you just pull a scary face. (We are looking at you here Mads!)



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