Family • June 30, 2016

Me and Mine: A Family Project 2016- June

This month has been a little hectic, in fact I can’t quite believe that we are already at the end of it. I have spent a lot of the month playing catch up, generally treading water and feeling a little like my to do list is never going to end. But as I type this we are currently on our first family holiday as a fivesome, on the beautiful island of Mallorca. It’s just wonderful.

I had every intention of taking our family photos before we went away this month, but we just didn’t have the time. Life has been busy, with us still adjusting to having a newborn baby in the house, plus the fact that I have taken a lot of work on. I am not complaining, it’s been a great month work wise, but that plus baby appointments here and there, a night away for the Britmums conference, plus lots going on at Mads school, means that June has been a bit of a whirlwind. Therefore we snapped these photos before dinner this evening.

We are having the most lovely holiday. Theres nothing like spending quality time with your family, free from work (to an extent!) and free from the mundanity of things like tidying the house, opening the bills and doing the school run. It’s a chance to really reconnect, to spend time snuggling in bed, watch the girls play in the pool, and experience happy moments together. I can’t truly even put into words how thankful I am for the fact that I get to travel so much with my little family. Travelling is my biggest passion and I feel so incredibly fortunate.

This is just a quick post from me. We have been out to dinner this evening at our hotels Mediterranean restaurant and it’s ten pm here and the girls have only just gone to sleep, while the baby is still awake and snuggling on the bed with his Daddy. I want to go and join them and to read the book I am currently engrossed in. I never get a chance to read when I am at home, so it is lovely to switch off and get immersed in a story for once. There will be so much holiday spam from me when we get home no doubt, I want to shout about this amazing hotel we are staying in, but I couldn’t miss a ‘Me and Mine’ post- in the whole three years or so we have been doing it I have never been late for a post, and I wasn’t about to miss one now.

These aren’t the best photos, we don’t have our tripod with us so we had to balance the camera precariously, meaning I nearly chopped our heads off,  but I will still treasure them as I always do each and every month.

Happy, holiday moments with my favourite people.


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