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Me and Mine: A Family Project 2016: July

Anyone who has children knows how hard it is to take good photos of them. Inevitably someone is pulling a face, or doesn’t want their photo taken, or just generally one person isn’t looking in the direction of the camera at any given time. Sometimes you luck out, you get a photograph where everyone is looking, or better still even smiling. But this is usually pretty rare.

Add to that when you try and get five people, including a three month old baby to all look semi normal in photos, well that is when it becomes almost impossible. But still, we love trying to get monthly photos of us all to look back on, so we readily accept the challenge. This month however I think might just possibly be the worst family photo taking in the history of family photo taking. *Disclaimer- read on if you dare.*

The trouble started when it got to last Saturday 30th July and I realised I hadn’t taken our family photos for this month. I’ve never been late to post a ‘Me and Mine’ photo, we always post them on the last day of the month and I haven’t missed a day in the whole three years we have been doing them. But I already knew when Saturday morning arrived that it just wasn’t going to happen. We were feeling especially lazy and were just having a PJ day at home- the last thing any of us needed was to grab a tripod and pose for the camera. So I decided that we would take them the next day and I would publish the post on Sunday evening instead.

Yesterday we went to Suffolk for the day, more specifically to the coast to Aldeburgh. We had a lovely day which no doubt I will share soon, but while we were on the beach we decided to take our family photos. Lets just say two cheeky little girls, an over tired baby and a lot of sea wind meant that our family photos didn’t quite go according to plan…

meandminejuly16cFirst up when you try and take a photo there is always someone pulling a face. I have no idea what LL was doing here.

meandminejuly16hThen her big sister joined in pulling the faces too. LL meanwhile is getting absolutely windswept, it was so windy down there!

meandminejuly16gBefore LL decided to put a pebble on her eye to make herself a ‘pirate’.

meandminejuly16aStill trying to put it in her eye, while it gets windier still (also look at my fringe, I think I am starting to get post partum hair loss- I hate those wispy bits!). Meanwhile our baby boy is wondering what on earth he did wrong in a former life to endure living with us loonies.

meandminejuly16b  In the meantime Mads decided to disappear somewhere else and join a new family where they don’t have to sit on a beach with a tripod looking like wallies.

meandminejuly16eFinally I think we have cracked it. A nice photo! Ok our baby boy isn’t looking but he’s only 15 weeks old, we won’t hold it against him! Until further inspection and LL has stuck a pebble up her nose. SERIOUSLY?!

Lastly a few ‘ok ones’. We aren’t all looking at the camera, we all look a bit bedraggled, but they tell a story of our lovely day in Suffolk. Taking photos of five people isn’t always easy. Being a family of five isn’t always easier either. But these are our glory days and I know these are the days I will want to remember the most when my little people are all grown up.

So for that reason I will treasure these photos. My crazy, strange little gang who I wouldn’t change for anything in the world.

meandminejuly16d  meandminejuly16f   meandminejuly16i

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