Family • August 31, 2016

Me and Mine: A Family Project 2016: August

How has another month zoomed past already? I swear it was only a few days ago we were posting our last month’s family photos and laughing about my littlest lady having a pebble stuck up her nose and here we are now with yet another month ticked off. At the start of the summer holidays I must admit to feeling a little bit of a sense of dread, although actually I am not sure if dread is quite the right word, perhaps more of a sense of nerves about the prospect of six weeks with three children and with two of us working from home in our small house.

And yes I would be lying completely if I said it had been smooth sailing every day. We have had days where they have driven me mad and I have found it quite hard work. Mads especially is a complex little character, she is actually the most rewarding out of the three of them in terms of affection and kindness, but she is also the one who needs the most attention and is the most demanding of our time. She is a typical five year old and there have been times this summer where she has really pushed the boundaries, but for the most part we have had a lovely summer and I am sad for it to end. There is a small part of me who is looking forward to getting back a bit of routine, we have had lots of adventures big and small this summer, and as such our routine has completely gone out of the window, so I am looking forward to regaining a bit of structure to our lives. Our baby boy is completely not in a routine and while I am happy with that at the moment, I think he needs some days at home just to chill out and not constantly be out and about.

I’m going to miss my big girl as well. As for all the times she has driven me mad, she also full of happiness and energy and the house is going to be a lot quieter without her. I just can’t quite believe she is already going to be in Year One at school. Time goes so very fast and I wish it would slow down a little. This time next year LL will be just about to start school and that quite frankly doesn’t bear thinking about just yet.

This past bank holiday weekend has been a hectic one, filled with a fun day out to Woburn Safari Park with our besties, but also with quite a bit of work and deadlines to make. We finished it off at my Mum’s house for a BBQ on the Monday which was just lovely, my step sister and her family were there, as was their neighbour, and my sister and her boyfriend, and it was just a lovely relaxed evening with the children all running around and having fun in their big garden. It was there we took our family photos, again leaving it till the last minute as usual.

We also left it till right at the last minute that evening to take the photos as well. Regular readers of this blog will know I am a massive golden light fan, my favourite type of photography is when you take photos facing the sun, but we left it till right when it was setting and as such these are SO golden, almost to the point where you can’t see our faces. But still I love them anyway as they are filled with happy memories. For once we didn’t have to worry about setting up a tripod as we had my sister on hand to take them for us (once I had set the settings on the camera as she wouldn’t of had a clue!) so that was an unexpected bonus.

I think these photos definitely sum up summer for us. It has been a bit manic, a bit crazy, we have been busy yet quiet at times too, but above all we have had fun. The girls have tanned legs with bruises all over them- a sign of a summer of fun and adventure, and all the freckles have come out on our noses. Our hair has all turned that little bit lighter and we are all more tired than we were when the summer began, even though we are supposed to be feeling refreshed.

We have got Jon’s birthday this weekend and then that is an end to summer 2016, although I hope the sunny weather sticks around for a little longer. Then it will soon be time to dig out the jumpers, put away the flip flops for another year, and get ready for the arrival of Autumn. While I look forward to the changing seasons, I will definitely miss Summer 2016- it has certainly been a special one with the arrival of our baby boy in late April. Next summer we will almost certainly have a little toddler walking around, a little girl on the countdown to school and a big girl a few months off being seven. Time you are oh so bittersweet.

But looking at these photos, I will always remember the way I felt when they were being taken. With the sun on my shoulders, my family all around and me, and just a feeling of contentment that only summer can bring. Life is hectic but happy. Just how it should be.


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