Family • November 30, 2015

Me and Mine: A Family Project 2015- November

I had great intentions this month of taking some photos of the four of us while we were away at the weekend. We have spent the last couple of days at a gorgeous lodge in the heart of the Peak District and I had visions of it being a great place to take some family snaps. Unfortunately the good old British weather had other ideas and it has literally chucked it down the whole weekend- it didn’t stop us from having fun but it did put a dampener on taking our family photos.

So I am using my back up photos that I had for this month (I never normally have a back up so it is quite lucky really!) We took these photos as part of our recent gender reveal and they are silly but I love them. It was a really special day for us as it was the day that we told our girls that they were going to be big sisters to a little brother. They were both so excited, especially Mads, and it is a day and a memory I will treasure forever. These photos are silly and a bit cheesy, but they make me smile. They are both at such a funny age, they are complete characters as these photos show.

We took these photos of the four of us and they are a great reminder of a really special day. I love that blogging has made me capture so many moments I otherwise may not have done. I have always been a photo taker, always being the one with a camera in my hand even as far back as school, but having this blog has definitely made me capture so many more memories than I ever would have done. Sometimes I think that we are a little mad- never more so than when we went to our local park with a load of balloons filled with blue confetti and a load of blue props, we certainly got some bemused looks from passers by- but I love the fact that we make an effort to capture memories that we might not necessarily have before. I will never forget the look on my girls faces as they found out they were going to have a brother, and the fact is I won’t have to, as I videoed it all.

Anyway I am rambling. November has been a great month, if not hectic. filled with kitchen renovations, busy days out and other bits and bobs. But we are excited to see what December will bring- our favourite month of the year, which brings our wedding anniversary, Mads birthday and of course the big day itself.

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This month I am sending you to have a look at my lovely friend Fritha’s blog. Speaking of bumps she is due to have a baby girl literally any day now so this will be her last set of photos just the three of them. I can’t wait to hear her news!

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