Family • December 31, 2015

Me and Mine: A Family Project 2015- December

I must admit to having grand plans for our Me and Mine shot this month. Perhaps a smily indoors photo of us in matching Christmas PJ’s or a festive one by the tree. Or maybe on the big day itself (or one of our subsequent family get togethers afterwards) of us all immersed in festive cheer and happy times.

Sadly Christmas with two young children just didn’t work that way for us this year. Firstly I don’t know if anyone else found this, but where we were it was dark, grey and gloomy all Christmas time. This didn’t make for taking any photos whatsoever, it was so grey that it was hard to even get shots of them opening their pressies, let alone a posed family portrait.

Secondly there was no way I was going to be faffing around with tripods over Christmas, not when we had family there who could take a quick snap for us. But unfortunately family don’t have the same kind of precision or care when it comes to taking photos of us, so as a result there are a fair few blurry ones courtesy of my little sister!

And thirdly we had hyper, over excited children. Mads birthday is on Christmas Eve and while it is lovely and magical, it just means that they are tired and over stimulated before the big day even arrives. They were surrounded by family, presents and sweet things, and the last thing they wanted to do was mess around taking family photos. Plus once Christmas Day itself was actually over, all I wanted to do on the days we were quiet was stay in my PJ’s and not attempt to get my camera out. We have all thoroughly enjoyed the break and being lazy.

So this year we only have two photos of the four of us during our festive period.  They were taken on the big day itself at my Mums house. For the first time in literally years, we actually went out for Christmas lunch to a hotel near us. If I had my way we would stay at home, I don’t really like going out over Christmas, but it was still a nice time. These photos were taken just before we went out as we were dressed in our ‘party clothes’. We took a few but they are either blurry or the girls are looking in completely the opposite direction!


And that brings me to another year of family photos. I absolutely love doing Me and Mine, I know for a fact that I have so many family photos that I would have even considered taking otherwise. When we started back in January 2013 I was literally a couple of weeks away from giving birth to LL, so I have one family photo of the three of us and then so many of us four as we grow and change. I love that, all being well, from April this year we will have another new addition to the family. We will keep taking family photos every month without fail- even if we fail some months and they aren’t particularly great, at least we are documenting our family while the girls are young.








girlschristening_d August



Octobermeandminenov15d   November


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