Family • October 31, 2013

Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project- October.

I know I say it every month, but just when I thought September couldn’t pass us by any quicker, October seems to have whizzed past even faster.  We are well and truly into Autumn, and moving ever closer to Christmas.  Yay!

I was looking back at all my past Me and Mine the other day, and it still feels totally surreal that at the beginning of this year in January there was only three of us.  I can’t ever imagine LL not being a a part of the family now.  I will treasure that first January photo for it’s sentimental value.

This past month has been mostly quiet yet hectic at the same time, with the odd day and trip out to break up the day to day life.  I am feeling a little greedy and have two family portraits this month.

First up is this one.


This was kindly taken for us by my little sister and I had to include it because our location is very special to me.  It was taken when we went to visit my Grandparents for the day.  They live on the Wales/England border and I have so many fond childhood memories of visiting them for long weekends and holidays.

They have a really beautiful landscaped garden that they have always been very proud of.  In the summer it is awash with colour from all different kinds of flowers and I have so many photos of myself when I was little during the various different seasons.  There’s photos of the day we picked up our new puppy Cassie who happened to be from a breeder nearby, and I love looking at the photos and seeing excitement on my thirteen year old face.  Cassie lived untll last year so it makes looking at them even more special.  There’s me playing with my little sister and cousins in the garden, me the oldest grandchild by at least ten years.  And photo’s of my Grandpa flying me in the air, up and down, something which at the age of 92 just wouldn’t be possible with my own girls.

And then there is my little family.  Stood in the same place we have taken many family photos over the years.  Except that now I am the Mummy and I have two little people of my own.  I love that Mads is giggling because my Dad was jumping out from behind my sister and making her laugh.  It again reiterates to me why family is just so important.

The photo itself isn’t a particularly nice one, but it’s the poignancy of it all that makes it one to smile about.

Then there’s this one.


The autumn sunshine was so lovely last week that when Mr E got back from work we all popped our wellies on and went for a walk.  The light was just gorgeous so I took a few photos out in the park, and I remembered to bring my tripod along as well.

I am still using the slightly precarious method of putting the self timer on and running back and forth to join my little family, one of these days I will invest in a remote.  It is also impossible to get them both to look at the camera when there is obviously no one there behind it to grab their attention, but for this photo I told Mads to look at the camera to see if she could see the Gruffalo.  The result was her jumping in the air and shouting ‘Scary Gruffalo’ just as the timer went off.

I really like the light, apart from the sun flare over LL, and I just thought it was a fitting photo for our October Me and Mine.  Autumn is well and truly in full swing.

Only two more family portraits until the end of the year?  I can’t believe it!


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