Family • March 31, 2013

Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project- March.

Another month has passed, I cannot believe it.  As of April I will no longer be able to say I had a baby last month.  It is going too quickly and I wish I could freeze time.  Being a Mummy to two can be stressful at times but most of all it is amazing and I am enjoying every minute.

We really wanted to get out and about and take a family portrait outside this month but the weather has been so blimming freezing and with a little newborn who can’t even hold up her own head, it makes poses quite difficult.  I am hoping next month we will be able to take one outside as there are only so many poses we can do in the house.

Without further ado here is our family portrait for March…


This may just look like the four of us lying on the floor but it was a lot harder than it looked!  As usual we left it right till the last minute so we had to bribe Mads with some yoghurt coated sweets as we had been out at a farm all day and she had not had a nap so was majorly tired.

Also trying to get a six week old to look at the camera was practically impossible.  I am a little ashamed to say that instead of saying cheese to the camera the words we used were ‘Poo’ and ‘Slippery Sausages’.  It always works and Mads does look!

As usual it isn’t a perfect picture, but it is a perfect picture of us.  Our slightly crazy, often chaotic, but full of love family.


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