Family • April 30, 2013

Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project- April.

I cannot believe that we are almost in May.  Time is going so quickly and I wish I could tell it to slow down.  My littlest lady is growing up so fast, I wish I could freeze every single feed, cuddle and smile that we have.  People told me that the second baby time seems to go quicker, but I hadn’t expected it to go this quick.

This past month has been a lovely one, and I am looking forward to May as we have our first little break away as a four.

But first here is our April family photo.


We took this one sunny Saturday, the first warmish day of the year.  I was very lucky to go to a very beautiful school, in the middle of a tiny village, it is a huge castle with the most wonderful grounds.  My Mum has a beauty salon in the village and we go over often for a bit of pampering.  I have fond memories of school, it wasn’t always perfect, but for the most part I had a nice group of friends and had some very good times.

Walking around the grounds bought back so many memories and made me feel so nostalgic.  The steps where we are sat in the photo are around the back of the castle and in the summer time my friends and I would sit on them and gossip.  Those care free days where the only thing that you worry about are what clothes to buy, where to go at the weekend and what boys you liked.

Sitting there, it almost felt like it was yesterday even though it was eleven years since I left.    Sat with my three closest friends and chatting about our teenage lives, watching the boys we liked playing football in the grounds nearby.

We walked past the classrooms I spent so much time in, the pond where I walked hand in hand with my very first boyfriend, feeling incredibly nervous in case he tried to kiss me, and the steps where I stood with my friends for our leavers ball photo- not even imagining what the future had in store for me.  Even the bench by the English block where I sat and sobbed with my best friend because that same boyfriend had broken up with me.

So although this month’s photo isn’t the greatest- while I love Mads expression it is a shame that LL isn’t looking at the camera- the poignancy of it means the world.

When I sat on those steps all those years ago chatting with my friends about love, life and relationships, I would have never even imagined that one day I would be sat in the very same place with my husband and my babies.

If my teenage self would have known that, I think she would have been very happy indeed.

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