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Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project 2015- October

This month’s ‘Me and Mine’ post is probably going to hold two records- the shortest and quickest blog post I have ever written and also the first time I have ever tried publishing a post from my phone. I completely forgot that the last day of the month fell when we were on holiday and as such I have forgotten to write or take photos for our family portraits this month, plus I have also forgotten other important end of the month activities such as sending out client invoices and things. But at least I remembered right at the last minute, hence me frantically writing this post.

As I type this it is 11.30pm where we are, which is somewhere rather exciting, and that is Orlando in Florida. This means it is 3.30am in the UK. We have just been to Magic Kingdom in Disneyworld to experience a very special moment watching the fireworks and we have had to literally carry two fast asleep little girls upstairs from our car to the hotel room. I am still feeling emotional from watching them, when they say that Disney is a magical place they most certainly aren’t wrong. I am not quite ready to be able to put our trip into words, or even go remotely halfway to describing it, especially as we are still here, but it really has been incredible.

This month has been a busy one, firstly with this aforementioned holiday to Orlando and secondly due to work related and life related bits. October was the month we told our girls they were going to be getting a baby brother or sister, which couldn’t have gone better. While LL didn’t completely understand at first, she soon got caught up in the excitement and enthusiasm from her big sister and now when you ask her she knows that there is a baby in my tummy. Mads is so excited, she keeps suggesting names, kissing my tummy and just generally being amazing just as I knew she would be- she is such a sensitive and kind little soul.

Anyway to our photos for this month. These are just a couple of phone snaps of one of the most incredible experiences of our lives- our holiday to Orlando. I have lots of family photos of us together from this week, due to the fact that we paid extra to have what they call ‘Memory Maker’, which means that Disney photographers just snap away for you with their cameras, which is amazing, but I am yet to go through them all. To be honest most of them are just family snaps, me being a photography geek noticed they were using the flash constantly even in daylight, so they aren’t the best quality photos, especially to someone who hates the flash on cameras. But they are family memories of one of the best weeks we have ever had so for that I am so happy and grateful to have captured these memories.

Here are just a couple I had on my phone as I couldn’t be late for Me and Mine…


Arriving into Magic Kingdom on Monday I couldn’t help but get tears in my eyes and become overcome with emotion. I have since heard it has that effect on lots of people, but it is my dream to be able to go here with my family. Here we are posing at the entrance to the park, which was all decorated for halloween.

Meeting their hero. Mads and LL are literally Toy Story crazy.

meandmineoctober15cNot that I have anything against it, but I am not usually a fan of branded character stuff, bar on things like PJ’s. But we all have completely got into the Disney magic while we are here so we went to the shop to buy some t-shirts (we even got Mr E wearing one!) and some ears. It certainly is a magical place.


This month I am sending you over to my lovely friend Lucy and her beautiful blog to see what her and her gorgeous family have been getting up to!

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