Family • May 31, 2015

Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project 2015- May.

As I type this it’s 6.30am on Saturday morning. It’s really rather early for us, the girls generally get up any time after 7am and for some reason that extra half an hour seems so much earlier, especially on a weekend. My parenting skills aren’t the best this morning, I have told them that they aren’t allowed up until 7am so they are entertaining themselves in their room quite happily while I write this and allow myself to wake up a bit before the onslaught of a day of parenting.

That’s the thing, at the moment these two little ladies of mine are really rather full on. Of course they have quieter times, we are pretty lucky that luckily we can turn their switches off every now and again and they aren’t hyper non stop, but for the most part our days are filled with non stop activity, noise and even on the days where we do nothing at all, it always feels hectic and busy. Quite simply though I wouldn’t have it any other way. As I said on this post recently, I am loving the age they are both at and although at times it’s stressful, we are having such fun raising our two little people.

May is another month that has just completely whizzed by. I say it every month, but actually I think this one might have been the quickest of all. We started off the month in Lanzarote on holiday which was just wonderful. Other than that it’s actually been quite a quiet month, for once we haven’t really had any plans at the weekend which has been most welcome. We have had the odd thing on here and there, including a lovely night away with our besties at Alton Towers, but other than that May has passed us by in a blur of routine and mundanity. Happy, fun and hectic mundanity though. We have been working really hard as usual, even over the weekends, but as I write this we are pretty much up to date and can hopefully enjoy a weekend together without too much working on the side. June brings us a really busy month, then July is ridiculously busy too, before it all calms down just a tad in August.

I feel like at the moment we really are on the countdown to Mads starting school in September. I said at the start of the year that I was determined to make this year and this Summer especially, a year full of memories, to enjoy every moment with her before we end this era of our lives and start on the next chapter of the new one. I still stand by that and what adventures we have had so far. Our Summer hopefully will be just the same, spending lots of time together enjoying each others company, just doing what we do best- being together. Let’s hope the weather is kind to us and we can have a few weeks of lots of sunny and happy times.

Our photos this month were originally going to be from our holiday, I felt very organised because we got them right at the start of the month, but then I just had to add a couple more too as we did our annual visit to the rape fields at the end of the month too…


A passer by took this photo for us when we were having a stroll one evening in Lanzarote. I’m a bit of a grump when it comes to handing my camera to other people, while of course it is lovely that people offer, I find they inevitably cut off limbs or my camera is in manual still and I forget to switch it to Auto. But this kind man actually managed to capture a shot of us which I really love. So thanks for that Mr German man.


The girls are eating those horrible sticky lollies which every single restaurant handed out after dinner. As much as I missed our holiday when we returned home, I didn’t miss those lollies!


Silly famliy selfies are often the happiest.


Even better when pulling funny faces- Mads is such a joker, she is rarely serious.


I had to include these because I just love them. Although my legs didn’t love running back and forth in this rape seed to turn the self timer back on continuously.


I think these might be some of my favourites we have ever taken. But then I am pretty sure I say that every time. Look how much we have changed since last year.


Happy smiles- I really do love these photos. And that light. How often do you think I go on about that beautiful golden light? It’s definitely my favourite to take photos in.


This month I am sending you over to have a look at Lucy’s blog Capture by Lucy. Just yesterday she had a wonderful camping party for her son (she has the best birthday parties ever- I wish she was my Mum!) so I am sure there will be a birthday themed Me and Mine from her this month!


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