Family • March 31, 2015

Me and Mine: A Family Portrait Project 2015- March.

We have had a couple of lovely opportunties this month to take our family photos.  Firstly we went to The Grove for the night to celebrate my birthday and then secondly the weekend just gone we went to Bristol.  Both would have been perfect occasions, except when we were at The Grove I forgot my tripod and when we went to Bristol it literally rained non stop all weekend.  Therefore some how it got to yesterday and I realised that we hadn’t taken a photo.

Therefore this month really is a rush job.  We snapped these photos in the girls new bedroom just before they were going to go to sleep.  We are all in our PJ’s, having just got home from Bristol and put them on so we could be snuggly and cosy.  To be fair I do like these photos, I have no makeup on and greasy hair, but we all look happy and the girls loved cuddling up and taking these.  And actually a rush job is perfect for this month, as really it’s been the theme of March for us.  The month has whizzed by as usual and we have just been so incredibly busy.

We have spent the majority of the month redecorating the girls bedroom and office space, so have been living amongst havoc and mess, while the rest of the month has been spent plotting and planning.  On Friday Mr E had his last day at work so from today onwards we are both going to be working together from home.  It’s exciting, nerve wracking and slightly daunting, but we are looking forward to this new challenge.   Work is just ridiculously busy- I have taken on a couple of new roles, of which I am thrilled and pleased, but it’s going to take a bit of time to get on top of things.

As such as I write this I am typing furiously ten to the dozen to get it written.  We have fish and chips cooking in the oven, not particularly healthy but needs must when you are in a hurry.  Then after dinner it will be non stop work until bedtime, before it all continues again tomorrow.  Anyone who works from home, or indeed writes a blog will sympathise with me- life is hectic and fast paced, but we do it because we love it, and of course because it enables me to be at home with my babies most of the time.

So there we have it.  April is upon us.  The first half of the month hopefully will be about settling into the new routine, while the latter end of the month brings a couple of trips away.  Whatever happens, I am sure it will be hectic, fun, sometimes stressful and full of memories and adventures as usual.





This month I am sending you over to have a look at my lovely friend Lucy’s blog – she has also written about life being hectic recently- there must be something in the blogging water, or more the fact that it’s the arrival of Spring! 🙂


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